Apr 25, 2017

"Being coverd by Cats" in Onomichi

Hi.This is Ena from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.
Here in Hiroshima, it is in the middle of spring.
The temperature is warming up into over 20.

  I feel like going out on a trip somewhere on such a nice day!
Where do you plan to go in Hiroshima?  The Peace Park? Miyajima island?
  If you have free time in Hiroshima,in the eastern part of Hiroshima,
there is a small town,Onomichi  which has lots of wild cats.
They are having an exhibition about cats from Mar 18th to May 7th 

at the museum in Senkouji park.(千光寺公園)
There are more than 240 works of cats at the exhibition.
Also, you can enjoy face painting on May 5th.(from 1PM +200yen)
If you are a fan of them, this is the one for you!Why don't you visit Onomichi to mingle with wild cats and enjoy the art of them?🐈

 Exhibition "Neko mamire"
                            (Being coverd by Cats)
  From Mar 18th to May 7th 
@Onomichi City Museum of Art 
●Opening Hours
9:00-17:00 (Last admission : 4.30PM)
●Closed : Mondays
Adults:800yen   Students:550yen
Children (under 15years): Admission Free
my friends...?

 This event is a little bit famous on Twitter because of the funny pictures of their official account.
It is so much fun to see them:)
Please check it out!

Onomichi City Museum of Art Official Twitter Account >>  @bijutsu1
Sorry...Please do NOT enter... ;(

Apr 23, 2017

Kintaikyo Bridge Festival 2017

Hi, this is Tomomi from Hiroshima HANA!

Have you ever been to Iwakuni?
In iwakuni, there is Kintaikyo bridge which is the longest natural wooden arch bridge in the world and one of the three most excellent bridge in japan.
Annual festival held at Kintaikyo and it will be the 40th festival this year.

The Daimyo Procession with the Daimyo’s alternate attendance and the Yakko Dochu, Nanjyo Dance are held during this festival. People dressed in samurai costumes parade through the castle town and shoot targets reenacting ancient times. The Iwakuni infantry was organized by Ishida Mitsunari centuries ago. Today, the gunmen are volunteers demonstrating the history of Iwakuni for the townspeople and tourists.
Why don't you visit there!??:)

Kintaikyo Bridge Festival

 April 29th  / 9am ~ around 3pm


*about  1hour from Hiroshima station to Iwakuni station (local)

*about 20min from Iwakuni station to Kintai bridge bu bus  


Apr 7, 2017

Onomichi Minato Festival

Place: Onomihi Station
Time: 2017 April 22nd 【11:00~21:00】  23rd【10:00~17:00 】

Hello from Hiroshima Hana Hostel, It's Kana here.
Speak of Spring in Japan is Cherry blossom and it's about be in full bloom now. Do not miss it if you are in Japan!!! It is worth a lot more than you think!

Onomichi is one of my favorite place in Hiroshima.
Takes only half hour from Hiroshima Station by Shinkansen. Good for day trip.
Onomichi is surrounded by beautiful Ocean and Mountain. Not big city so if you have enough for busy big city, Onomichi is the one! I go there often especially this time of season. Because Onomichi is famous for bicycle riding  across small island to the other small island.
If you are interested in, please check it out!

There will be a local festival  which is gonna be held in Apr 22nd and 23rd! You can enjoy Japanese traditional festival with warm nice weather. If you are lucky, you might be able to still see the cherry blossom!!

There will be many different kind of food stalls, flea market, and events which will be one of great experience in your trip!
You can enjoy Festival with nice cold beer and food from stall beside Ocean! If you are staying over night, you can enjoy bicycle riding next day! Enjoy Onomichi!

Mar 29, 2017

☆☆ Local Beer Festival ☆☆

Spring is coming (*^▽^*)!!
What would you like to do in Spring?
Go to a mountain or river?

Here is an event for you. You can try many kind of local beer with
local people (#^^#) I am sure It will be great experience for you (^◇^)


DATE : 2017 April 15th, 16th  

TIME : 【15th】12:00~20:00  【16th】11:00~17:00 

PLACE : in front of A-bomb dorm

ACCESS : 1 minutes from A-bomb dorm tram stop


HP : http://www.golden-garden.tv/beerfesta/ 

You will enjoy many kind of local beer and local food!!
Have fun good beer with nice music and beautiful people (*´▽`*)

Mar 18, 2017

Let's go see Yozakura!! 🌸

Cherry blossom season's is just around the corner!! 

In spring time in Japan, lots of people like to go out and have picnics underneath cherry blossom trees.

Cherry blossom at day time is so nice, but at night time is also nice and more romantic, beautiful!!

There is a lovely event "Cherry blossom ’yozakura’ night viewing"in Shukkei-en garden at night.

The many varieties of cherry blossom in  Shukkei-en garden  illuminated after dark.

 DATE : March 24th-April 9th.

The garden is opened until 9 pm *admission is until 30 min before clothing.

In Hiroshima is still little cold at night, so please keep warm when you go to shukkei-en garden :)

Mar 14, 2017

Go Crazy! Be Irish!!

One of the big n' special holidays in Ireland, St. Patrick's Day is coming up on the 17th of March!

The most popular Irish pub in Hiroshima, "Molly Malone's" is throwing a party on the very day this year!

When guests ask me "where should we go for a drink tonight?" I never missed saying "Molly Malone's!!" (except for Mondays cuz they're closed on Mondays lol)
This place is one of my favorite places to chill out with my friends and enjoy delicious food in the cool, Irish atmosphere.

If you are in Hiroshima on the 17th and feel like having fun being Irish, visit this place!

The party starts at 5pm, and they'll also have DJ Matt as a guest who will play several music for the party from 8pm on the day.

Enjoy St. Patrick's Day with cool people, music and many green things at Molly Malone's!

Visit their website for more information: http://www.mollymalones.jp/

Feb 19, 2017

Enjoy Plum-blossoms!

Hi.This is Ena from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.
What is your purpose of visiting Japan?
Recently,the cherry blossoms(Sakura) in Japan are super famous all over the world. It is said that the best time to see Sakura will be around Apr 4th in Hiroshima this year. 
 ☆Sakura Cherry Blossom Calendar Forecast for 2017(JPN)

As soon as the cherry blossom blooms, then the crowds will follow.
However, I personally think  plum-blossoms(Ume) are about as pretty as them.  
Ume (plum-blossoms)
The Shukkeien Japanese Garden in Hiroshima is known as a popular spot to admire beautiful plum-blossoms.There are over 100 plum-trees with red and white flowers in the garden.
NOW,they are in full bloom and you will be able to enjoy them till next weekend!
Before the SAKURA season,why don't you enjoy the Japanese spring with plum-blossoms without crowds? 
<The Shukkeien Japanese Garden (縮景園) >
About 10min Walk from JR Hiroshima Sta.
Or, take a sightseeing Loop Bus to Shukkeien stop
(FREE with a Japan Rail Pass) 

9AM-5PM (from Oct 1st to Mar 31st)
    9AM-6PM (from Apr 1st to Sept 30th)

◎Admission Fee
・Adult 260yen

・Students(High school and University students) 150yen
・Children (Elementary and Junior high school students)  100yen