Jan 15, 2018

Art of Hiroshige Utagawa

Do you know what is Ukiyo-e?
It is a genre of Japanese art which was very popular back in Edo period (17th to 19th centuries).

Hiroshige Utagawa is one of the most popular Ukiyo-e artists and his art can be seen in Hiroshima Museum of Art now.

Hiroshige even influenced Gogh and Monet.

* Date: January 3rd - February 12th, 2018
* Time: 9AM - 5PM
* Entrance fee: 1,300yen

Check this out if you are into art!

Jan 13, 2018

Hiroshima Ekiden

Hiroshima Ekiden

Teams from all 47 prefectures battle it out in this annual 48km road relay on an out-and-back course between Hiroshima Peace Park and Miyajima-guchi.

Date: January of 21st 2018
Time: 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Cost: Free
Website: http://www.hiroshima-ekiden.com/course/course.html

It starts at 12:30pm in front of peace park!

※Please be careful of traffic jam. It must be crowded!!

Jan 4, 2018

Tondo Festival in Hiroshima

About 2 weeks after New year, dramatic bonfire festivals are held at shrines all across Japan. The previous year's ceremonial arrows and lucky charms are burnt and people pray for good fortune in the year to come. These festivals are known as "Tondo Matsuri". Here in Hiroshima, you can experience it at Gokoku shrine where Hiroshima castle is at.

You can hear the snap, crackle, pop of the bamboo! It's spectacular that flames rising above the rooftops. Everyone gathered in a circle around the fire to watch, snapping photos, eating grilled mochi(rice cake) grilled with the fire, and praying for good luck for the year.
 DATE & TIME: January 15th 2018 from 10am.

Dec 27, 2017

Special Events @Gokoku Shrine

Do you have any plans for New Year's Eve or New Year's Day?
Right next to one of the most popular sights in Hiroshima, Hiroshima Castle, there is a shrine called Hiroshima Gokoku Shrine and they are having special events from Dec 31st to Jan 1st.
--EVENTS ---------------
◎Dec 31st  17:00~ 大祓式・除夜祭 
    New Year's Eve  Celemony
◎Jan 1st   0:00~ 初神楽奉奏(巫女舞) Kagura
                 10:00~ 歳旦祭 New Year's Day Celemony 
 .... and more!

On New Year's Day many Japanese go to the shrine in order to make New Year's wishes for happiness.This is called Hatsumoude.Every year many people.... more than 600,000 people visit Hiroshima Gokoku Shrine(広島護国神社) in the first three days of the new year for that.

◆Access  Hiroshima Gokoku Shrine(広島護国神社)
Take a Tram No.2 or 6 to Kamiyacho-Higashi stop from Hiroshima Sta.
Another 8min walk to the shrine
Have a good New Year's holiday!

************** Be Careful ! ************
The Peace Memorial Museum will be closed on Dec 30th and 31st.
However,the Peace Memorial park will be opened all day and you can see the Atomic Bomb Dome.


Dec 16, 2017

CountDown fire festival at Saioto ski resort

How do you spend New year's day Eve?

 If you have no plan, I suggest you a countdown party in Saioto ski resort. You can see 3000 of fire works and lives of some bands after skiing.  They are going to keep the field open until 17o'klock on the New year's day. So you can even ski after the party!!
when: 12/31 22:00 ~
place: Utopia Saioto Ski Resort
web: http://www.saioto.co.jp/news/?p=1033

Happy New Year!!

Dec 12, 2017

Chinksai Festival in Miyajima

Konnichiwa from Hiroshima Hanahostel. It's Kana here.
I just can NOT believe that year 2018 will arrive in few weeks.
I feel like I'm losing my memory for last half year. I can't believe how time goes by so fast.

How was your year 2017? I hope all of you had great one so far.

If you have any opportunity to visit Japan for new year eve, here is my little tips.

We have great world heritage "MIYAJIMA" in Hiroshima. They hold great traditional festival on new year eve. It called "Chinksai"

They set up an altar lighting the fire at the shrine refinement and after the ceremony was completed by the master, trasfer the fire to the torch and transfer to the large bunch of the pine tree set up at the Mikasanohama beach.
and they will put a fire on a large torch from a big bow.
Meanwhile townspeople of Miyajima make torches of various sizes from large pine tree with 20 to 30 people to carry and about 50cm and gather at Mikasanohama beach in the evening.

After turn off the fire and take out the extinguished pieces of pine tree ,and take it home and give it to the godshelf and make it a one year fire avoidance amulet.

Why don't you join them and have some special Japanese traditional culture!!
Only for once a year on New year eve!

Date:2017 Dec 31 from 6pm

Nov 9, 2017

Momiji Festival Special late-Night Garden

☆Momiji Festival Special late-Night Garden☆


Japanese cafe opening stores and kimono’s dressing experience are also done.

17 November, 2017 - 3 December, 2017
9:00 am - 9:00 pm
*Garden closing time is extended to 9:00pm

General 260 yen, high · college student 150 yen, elementary and junior high school students 100 yen


[Official Site] 
Shukkeien  2-11, Kaminoboricho, Naka-ku Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima 730-0014