Apr 19, 2018

NIKU FES in Hiroshima

The "NIKU FES" (meat festival) is coming to Hiroshima!!
NIKU FES is a festival for crazy meat lovers. 
21shops are going to be on the festival and they all have different meat menu.

Every shops get long queue always, especially on this hamburg steak bellow.
This lump of meat is called "drinkable hamburg".
If you are curious why it is called so, go to the FES and try it!!


Apr 7, 2018


Date:2018, Apr 6th (Fri) - Apr 8th (Sun)
(Please take tram #2,6 and get off at Gdnbaku Dome Mae)

Do you know FISE? It is not really common sport in Japan but yes in Europe.
This well known world competition will be held first time in Japan.
You know where in Japan??
    It's in HIROSHIMA!!!


Feb 26, 2018

★Special Discount★ Ferry to Matsuyama

Here is a good news for travelers going to Shikoku-island!
To get to Matsuyama from Hiroshima,you need to take a ferry from the Hiroshima port.They are starting a special discount for foreigners from this coming April!
There are two kind of ferries;Cruise Ferries and Super Jet Ferries.
You can get about 30% OFF for both of them if you show your passport upon purchasing.
Don't miss out on this opportunity to get to Matsuyama!

Please NOTE that you can NOT buy the round ticket.One way ticket only.

[Hiroshima to Matsuyama]
1) Cruise Ferry  160min  3600yen → 2520yen/way per person
2) Super Jet ferry  68min  7100yen → 4970yen/way per person

Period for special sale: From Apr 1st,2018  to Mar 31st,2019
Please refer to the following link :Setonaikai-kisen (ENG)

Feb 17, 2018

My favorite Okinomiyaki restaurant

Do you know what you must to do in Hiroshima??

Go to Peace Park? Go to Miyajima? Of course you must go these places.
But the most important thing is .......


To eat Okonomiyaki!!

Okonomiyaki is Hiroshima's soul food.  Don't need to explain, just look the picture below. Obviously, it is delicious.


So, I would like to introduce my favorite Okonomiyaki restaurant this time.





This is the shop where I always eat okonomiyaki at. Their okonomiyaki is just perfect. Springy noodles, tasty egg, "umami" from cabbage inside and the brown souse make amazing combination!! They also have lots of topping menu.  I recommend spring onion, smells very nice.

Try it when you come toHiroshima!! I'm sure you will like it.

Feb 10, 2018

Hiroshima Vegetarian Guide

Konnichiwa from Hiroshima Hana hostel. It's Kana here.
We have crazy snow last few weeks in whole in Japan. I hope all of people who is traveling in Japan having great time and safe trip.

Speaking of trip, FOOD is one of the important thing during trip. Gotta try and enjoy local food such as Okonomiyaki, Oyster which are Hiroshima specialty food.

I always recommend those local food for the guest, but I would like to recommend nice restaurant for Vegetarians this time.

Here are some tips which are all located in the city! Good access!


Many different types of Vegetarian restaurant, They all look delicious! Even I'm not Vegetarians, I would really like to try them!!!

Jan 15, 2018

Art of Hiroshige Utagawa

Do you know what is Ukiyo-e?
It is a genre of Japanese art which was very popular back in Edo period (17th to 19th centuries).

Hiroshige Utagawa is one of the most popular Ukiyo-e artists and his art can be seen in Hiroshima Museum of Art now.

Hiroshige even influenced Gogh and Monet.

* Date: January 3rd - February 12th, 2018
* Time: 9AM - 5PM
* Entrance fee: 1,300yen

Check this out if you are into art!

Jan 13, 2018

Hiroshima Ekiden

Hiroshima Ekiden

Teams from all 47 prefectures battle it out in this annual 48km road relay on an out-and-back course between Hiroshima Peace Park and Miyajima-guchi.

Date: January of 21st 2018
Time: 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Cost: Free
Website: http://www.hiroshima-ekiden.com/course/course.html

It starts at 12:30pm in front of peace park!

※Please be careful of traffic jam. It must be crowded!!