Mar 28, 2010

April 4 (Sun) Cherry blossom viewing and tea ceremony

Join an informal tea ceremony under the cherry biossoms at Shukkeien Garden!

Forget you are right in the heart of the city there. This is one place were the somewhat unpredictable weather around the hanami season can actually add to the atmosphere.

You will see many different kinds of cherry blossom and there are over 100 cherry trees in the garden. You can enjoy cherry blossoms while drinking Japanese tea and there are sure to be some lovely kimonos on display at the tea ceremony.

Enjoy the Japanese fun culture, hanami !

Admission: Adults-250 yen Students-180 yen
Date: April 4 10:00-15:00

Mar 22, 2010

March 26th(Fri)80kidz "THIS IS MY WORKS" release tour @Mugen∞5610

Tokyo electro outfit 80Kidz return to Hiroshima, and to Mugen This time, however, they are two instead of three, as Mayu has gone her own way.


Following in the footsteps of genre-mashing electronic artists such as Surkin, M.I.A, The Bang Gang DJs and Vitalic, 80kidz, hailing from Japan, are ready to show the world what Tokyo can do. They have performed alongside Justice, Boys Noize and Hot Chip, and remixed Cazals, CSS, Black kids and many more.
80kidz have just completed a New Music From Japan UK Tour with Strummerville, which saw them tour alongside other Japanese acts such as Tucker, Riddim Saunter and DeDe Mouse. They have also appeared at recent festivals like The Great Escape, Liverpool Sound City, Future Sonic and The Stag and Dagger, bringing a taste of Japanese musical culture to the British ear. They have recently released their album ‘This Is My Work’ on the KSR label .

They are so cool!!!You shoudn't miss their play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Host Djs
Liberty HeadZ (hrYn/Suu/snpy)

Tickets:Adv: ¥2500 (plus 1 ¥500 drink)

Door: ¥3000 (plus 1 ¥500 drink)

Address:Mugen∞5610(mugen gourudo)

2F & 3F Atsuma Bldg, 1-3 Yagenbori, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi

Dates/Times:26 March 22:00 Hrs

For more information:
Tel:(082)241-0089 (Maps)

Mar 21, 2010

Mar 25-Apr 3 Miyajima Hina Doll Festival

Discover the beautiful Hina doll heirlooms, and learn about the significance of the festival for Japanese girls. Private antique dolls are on display at over 30 locations throughout Miyajima.

Get a free event map and directions from English speaking volunteers at Miyajima-guchi ferry terminal during the event. You can orgnize your visit with their help at the Doll Festival Information Center in Omotesando Shopping Arcade.

A ticket is required for the four main exhibition sites. Get a passport ticket at the pier or at the four main sites (Ticket Adult:300yen/Age15-18:170yen/Age6-14:150yen).

With this ticket you can see the dolls at the four main sites:

* Miyajima History and Folklore Museum (English-speaking guides)

This museum is in a 170 year-old merchant house. It contains many interesting folkloric exhibits.

* Daishoin Temple

This is the oldest temple in Miyajima, with lots of attractive Buddhist pavillions and statues. The 14th Dalai Lama visited this temple to celebrate its 1200th year in 2006. Apart from the Hina doll exhibit, the Japanese culture workshop / International Cafe and the spring tea ceremony are also located here.

* Yamanaka House

This historical residence is open to the public for the first time this year during Hina Doll Festival.

* Konishi House

The Konishi family once brewed sacred sake (rice wine), dedicated to the gods of Itsukushima Shrine.

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Mar 20, 2010

March 21st Hiroshima City Center Fashion Show @ Namiki street▲▲▲

Namiki-dori will be closed to traffic on the afternoon of Sunday, March 21 and turned over to some of Hiroshima's fashion schools, shops and designers.

A 55m catwalk will set up at the north end (PARCO end) of Namiki-dori and there will be 3 shows between 1pm and 4:15pm.

Once it finishes, you can hop across to Alice Garden and catch the live show by singer-songwriter, Satoshi Mizumoto at the Music Cube Plus event.

One of my friends,He gonna join the event as a DJ!!!It gonna be so muh fun!!!!!!Can't wait....

Dates/Times:21 March 13:00 - 16:15 Hrs

For more information:

20th of MARCH ,Go Go Carat Club Circuit 2010!!!!!!!!

Go Go Carat Club Circuit 2010

Update: Timetable for all the clubs now up here.

On Saturday, March 20th, for one night only, you have access to most of Hiroshima's dance clubs for just ¥2500. The Go Go Carat wristband gets you into 6 venues (Sacred Spirits, Edge, Commune, Mugen 2F, Mugen 3F, Astro and Suiren) where there will be a host of local DJs spinning along side many special guests.

As well as the main club venues bars across the city will be hosting side events such as the Skate World event at The Shack, photo exhibits in OPIUM and Lotus and a what will definitely be a big night in Cover (they were going until midday last year).
Hiroshima was buzzing last year, and it's likely to be even bigger this time around. If you are a clubber, you won't want to miss it, and if not, it's a great (and cheap) way to check out some places you haven't ventured into yet.

Go Go Carat Club Circuit 2010

Address:Sacred Spirits, Mugen, Edge, Commune, Astro,Suiren and at bars all over town
Dates/Times:20 March

For more information:

Mar 2, 2010

Mar ,3 (wed) kagura dance and music♪

Kagura dance and music EVENT♪ "FREE Admission"
March 3 (Wed) 13:00~16:00
@Hiroshima Port
"It takes about 50min by Tram (#3) from J-hoppers Hiroshima!!"

kagura is a traditional Japanese performance art that features Uta (song ) and mai (dance) by performers clad in embroidered kimonos and expressive masks accompanied by taiko drums and flutes.

Let's enjoy traditional hiroshima