Apr 27, 2015

Sandan-kyo Spring festival

Apr 29th (WED)
Access:Take an Express Bus from Hiroshima Bus center about 1 hour

You can enjoy Japanese Spring festival with the viewing of Sandan-kyo gorge.
 According to the weather forecast, it will not be rainy day on Apr 29th in Hiroshima.
Why do not you join the Festival ?  :)

10:00 Free Sandan-kyo food be provided
11:00 the opening ceremony
11:15 Kagura (Shinto music and dance show)
12:00 the game of scissors-paper-rock
13:00 Kagura (Shinto music and dance show)
15:00 Mochimaki (an event of scattering rice cakes)
15:30 the closing ceremonies

Akioota home page (in Japanese)

Apr 17, 2015

Microbrewery Beer Festa In Hirsohima 2015

You can enjoy over 20 varieties of local beers from around the country in Hiroshima!

Date:April 18th, 19th

Time:[18th] 12pm to 8pm / [19th] 11pm to 5pm

Place: Grounds of Former Hiroshima Municipal basevall stadium
           (Near the atomic bomb dorm station)

*¥500 a drink
*¥3200 for 20 sampler tickets with a 80ml glass
*Original 250ml Glass ¥500
*Plastic cup ¥50


Apr 7, 2015

Hiwatarishiki in Daishoin Temple

Date: Apr 15th 11am
Location: Daishoin Temple 

Hello from Hiroshima Hana hostel, It's Kana here.
It's getting warmer and warmer. My one of favourite season is finally arrived.

Miyajima is one of World heritage in Hiroshima and they have annual event.
There is quite interesting event is coming up in Mid Apr.

 As you can see from attached photo, the man is walking on the fire.
This is a religious rite performed by the Shingon Sect of Buddhism.
This is followed by two Buddhist monks circling the area with swords and then shooting 7 arrows into the air which the worshippers struggle to retrieve.

After the fire burns down, and only red coals remain, the head Buddhist monk, followed by the mountain monks and worshippers, walk barefoot across the coals chanting a prayer for good health and fortune.

Why don't you join to this awesome event? But please please be careful not to burn yourself too much!