Jan 25, 2012

Skiing Information around Hiroshima

Winter is here! Have fun at a ski resort. It’s the season for enjoying the white world of snow at a ski resort. Have fun skiing, snowboarding, sledding and snowball fighting at a snow resort.

1 Megahira Ski Resort
4301 Yoshiwa, Hatsukaichi City

2 Osorakan Snow park
Oazayokogo, Aki-ota-cho, Yamagata-gun

3 Kenritsu Mominoki Forest Park
Ski Resort

1593-75 Yoshiwa Hatsukaichi City

4 Yawata Highland 191 Resort
Nishiyawatahara Kitahiroshima-cho Yamagata-gun

5 Geihoku-kogen Osa Ski Resort
38-31 Kojinbara Kitahiroshima-cho Yamagata-gun

6 White Valley Matsubara
135-1 Matsubara Aki-ota-cho Yamagata-gun

7 Gehoku Kokusai Ski Resort
19 Nakaso Kitahiroshima Yamagata-gun

8 Ogahara Kogen Ski Resort
284-26Kojinbara Kitahiroshima-cho Yamagata-gun

9 Utopia Saioto
Saioto 144, Kitahiroshima-cho, Yamaga-gun, Hiroshima Prefecture

TEL: 0826-35-1234(Rep.)

10 Ski Park Kanbiki
820 Oasa Kitahiroshima-cho Yamagata-gun

11 Ringo Kyowakoku Ski Resort
59-184 Takano-cho Shimonde Shobara City

12 Takano -kogen Ski Resort
Takano-cho-Minami Shobara City

13 Takanochominami, Shoba City
156-14 Saijocho-yuki Shobara City

14 Snow Resort Nekoyama
190-50 Misaka Saijo-cho Shoba City

15 Dogoyama Kogen Ski Resort
Misaka Saijo-cho Shoba City

One-day trip spa

1 Megahira Onsen Kuvere Yoshiwa

4291 Yoshiwa Hatsukaichi City

2 Yoshiwa Miwakunosato

132 Yoshiwa Hatsukaichi City

3 Ushiobara Onsen Matsukawa

391-3 Yoshiwa Hatsukaichi City

4 Tsutsuga Onsen Green Spa Tsutsuga

280 Oaza-naka-tsutsuga
Akiota-cho Yamagata-gun

5 Ryuzukyo Onsen
842-4 Naka-tsutsuga Akiota-cho Yamagata-gun

6 Nukui Onsen Nukui Springs

4692-7 Oaza-kake Akiota-cho Yamagata-gun

7 Geihoku Onsen Geihoku Oark Garden
145-104 Hosomi Kitahiroshima -choYamagata-gun

8 Tawara Onsen 5000-nen-buro

665 Twara Kitahiroshima-cho Yamagata-gun

9 Oasa Kanbiki Onsen
820 Oasa Kitahiroshima-cho Yamagata-gun

10 Oasa Narutaki Roten Onsen

5111 Oasa Kitahiroshima-cho Yamagata-gun

11 Midori Onsen kagura-monzen Touji-mura
4627 Hongo Midori-cho Akitakada City

12 Takamiya Onsen Takamiya Yu-no-mori

1787-1 Harada Takamiya-cho Aki-takata City

13 Kimita Onsen Mori-no-izumi

311-3 Izumi-yoshida Kimita-cho Miyoshi City

14 Shobara-sakura Onsen Kanpo-no-sato

281-1 Shinjo-cho Shobara City

15 Hiwa Onsen

535 Oaza-hiwa Hiwa-cho Shobara City

15 Hibayama Onsen
890-2 Yuki Saijo-cho Shobara City

15 Tojo Onsen Refresh House Tojo

2538-1 Kurita Tojo-cho Shobara City

Go to a hot spring after enjoying the snow!

Many ski resorts dot the Geihoku and Bihoku areas in Hiroshima Prefecture and are easy to get to by expressway! Rental services for sleds and snowsuits are now available at resorts, so you don’t have to bring a lot baggage
(booking equipment in advance is advisable).
After enjoying the snow, relax at a nearby spa and warm up before
* Tire chains or snow tires must be used when driving in the snow. Check the weather forecast and road information carefully before going out.

Jan 21, 2012

"I Could Ski every Day".

"I could honestly ski every day", just as long as my body would let me. We have been three time this year and with lots of day passes in the 'back burner', we are defiantly going to go some more. Geihoku Kokusai 芸北国際 will be the ski field we will try and get to as often as possible.

Now this is not the way to celebrate the coming of the ski season. Winners don't drink like this. They normally sit at a table. But I don't think there is a table big enough for this bottle. We struggled to get it through the door.

Jan 15, 2012

FRIDAY NIGHT OUT!!! - January 20th, 2012

There are some hot events in town this Friday night!
Check out the information below:

FROIDE @ Enjoint Bar Cover
A mixed batch of dance sounds every third Friday in the tiny bar with the amazing sound system, Enjoint Bar Cover.

12:00am-5:00am Men 1000yen (incl 1 drink) Women FREE
Some of Hiroshima’s finest purveyors of beats and bass at MUGEN5610′s 2nd floor on the 3rd Friday of every month.

Reggae tunes from Filter Kings and Jah Love Is Sweeter, dnb from 2daRudeBeats DJs, rump shaking house from windcheater (UK) and paul () it a jumbled up mix of everything from latin soul to dubstep depending on his mood.

DJs: Filter Kings, Jah Love Is Sweeter, windcheater, paul, It’s, Sony-K, 2DaRudeBeats

12:00am-7:00am 1000yen (plus a 500yen drink order)
It’s indie rock past and present all night at one of Hiroshima’s longest running club nights at Bar Edge. Get and idea of the kind of tunes you can expect by checking out past setlists here. If you roll up fairly early you usually get a free CD compiled by one of the DJs.

Enjoy the nightlife in Hiroshima!!!!

Jan 11, 2012

Jan 21st(sat)[schwaltz]@Bar Edge

Techno and house event running simultaneously at Bar Edge and Enjoint Bar Cover.

Date:January 21, 2012 9:00 pm
Cost:¥1500 (incl 1 drink) at Bar Edge
No charge at Cover (but please buy at least one drink)
Venue:Bar Edge
Address:B1F 8-15 Nagarekawa-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima, Hiroshima, 730-0028, Japan

Edge djs

  • YURI (meteo/FUKUYAMA)
  • 豚 (enjoint of flat)
  • jin (Hybrid Boogie)
  • 2D

Cover DJs

  • GORO (TripCraft/YONAGO)
  • 風心 (中国電子音楽開発研究局)
  • AKIHIROPOM (electronic)

Jan 11th ~17th Bonsai Exhibition @ Hiroshima City Botanical Gardens

Tiny bonsai on display at the City Botanical Gardens!!
Start:January 11, 2012 9:00 am
End:January 17, 2012 6:30 pm
Closes at 15:30 on the final day (January 15)
Cost:¥500 garden admission (Children ¥170)

If you are interested in it.please have a look following site!


Jan 9, 2012

Jan.15th (Sun) Obukucha Tea Ceremony at Shukkeien

New Year's annual cultural event in Shukkeien garden will be held this weekend.

A chance to enjoy traditional new year’s tea in the tea house in Shukkeien Garden. Made with pickled ume plum, black beans and Japanese sanshou chillis, Obukucha is drunk in the hope of warding off ill health over the coming year.

January 15, 2012 10:00-15:00
¥1200 (plus ¥250 garden admission charge)

Jan 2, 2012

Jan.3rd & 5th New Year rituals at Itsukushima Shrine

Happy New Year everyone!

Many ceremonies are held in Miyajima during New Year Holidays.
Please check the informations as below:

Jan 3

Genshisai Ceremony 09:00
Bugaku performance 13:00

Jan 5

Chikyusai Ceremony and Bugaku performance 05:30
Includes Batoh (Sunrise Dance) only performed once a year on this day.

You are able to see these ceremonies just for the New Year's holidays. So don't miss it!
Hope everyone having a good Oshogatsu (Japanese New Years) and wish you a wonderful 2012!