Apr 30, 2013

゚.+:。Fukuyama Rose Fes.+:。

Period: From May 19 (Saturday) to 20 (Sunday)
Place:  Rose Park, Midori-machi Park and central city, shopping streets

After Cherry blossom season is over, we have season for Rose! There is a annual Rose fes in FUKUYAMA city Hiroshima prefecture.

The rose season comes to Fukuyama in May. Approximately 500,000 roses are in full bloom, and the Fukuyama Rose Festival is held to commemorate the event. Each year more than 800,000 people visit the Fukuyama Rose Festival, with its amusing attractions such as the parade and stage event centering on Rose Park.

 In Rose Park, with its myriad flowers, the rose parade organized several civic groups excites the festival. Unique stalls are open, and wonderful stage events are held. “Light and Rose Fantasies,” which lights up the Rose Park with electric lamps, is extremely popular.

Rose Park is covered with the romantic scent and atmosphere that its namesake blooms provide. The rose contest and rose concert have also caught on in Midori-machi Park. There are also traditional stage performances of Fukuyama, a handmade goods bazaar, a gourmet plaza and a sales corner featuring Hiroshima’s specialty products. Original rose goods, including soaps and aromatic mists, are sold in the museum shop.

The biggest event of the festival, however, is the “Rose Wedding.” One couple of every year blessed by the festival visitors has a wedding ceremony, surrounded by sweet, beautiful roses.

You can enjoy the street performances and music festival on the shopping streets in the city, and the “Rose Bus” also runs in the venue.

About one hour from Hiroshima Station to Fukuyama Station, so get your JR pass and head to Fukuyama for romantic day!

Apr 24, 2013

Houribe LOU new album release party @Hiroshima club Quattro

Houribe LOU new album release party @Hiroshima club Quattro

It's not too much to say that he is the one of famous guy in Hiroshima!
He usually play the hammer dulcimer at Hiroshima Peace park.

As this band released the new album on the 24th of April.They will throw a
album release party at Hiroshima Club quattro on the 26th of April.

Date:2013,April 26th
Start: 18:30

If you want more details,plz check their web site!!!


Apr 17, 2013

゚・:*Hiroshima Flower Festival゚・:*

Time: 2013 May 3rd, 4th, 5th12:00~19:00
Place: Peace Boulevard, Peace Memorial Park (South of the city centre)

The Hiroshima Flower Festival started in 1977 and this year will be the 37th festival since it started.
The festival is known as the biggest event in Hiroshima!! You should not miss it!!

☆Let's transform Hiroshima into a city full of music, greenery and flowers.
☆Let's share the greatness and preciousness of living in peace with everyone!
☆Let's export warm human relationships and rich life culture from Hiroshima to the world.

These 3 ideas have been the main themes of the flower festival, for 35years since it began 1977. The festival for the anniversary of the Atomic Bomb dropping onthe 6th of August recognises "stillness" as it's theme. To co-ordinate with this the flower festival, celebrated in the the warmth of may when the town is bathed in green, call itsself the "energetic movement" festival.

The festival consists of 3 main parts parades, stages,  and street venders!

1.6 million people come to celebrate the festival annually. In recent years, the festival has taken place not only during the day, but continued into the night with paper crane monuments and peace candles. This year, there will also be various concerts and traditional Japanese dance (Kagura) performances to enjoy!!

I used to go Flower Festival every year with my grandparents! A lot of fun and excitement!! Only 20minutesfrom Hiroshima Hana Hostel to the peace park by tram!

Apr 4, 2013

2013 April 19th-May 12th The National Confectionery Exposition in Hiroshima!!!

The National Confectionery Exposition is the largest confectionery fair in Japan, and is held once approximately every 4 years in various locations throughout the nation. Along with passing the history and culture of confectioneries along to the next generation, it also serves in promoting the confectionery industry and related industries, and invigorating the economy of the host area.

Sale locations

General admission ticket
Major travel companies, main stations of the West Japan Railway Company, convenience stores, etc (Nippon Travel Agency, JTB, etc).
* For details, please contact the Management Center for Ticket Sales (in our Executive Committee Business Bureau). (TEL:082-511-1611)
(For inquiries in Japanese only, please.)