Feb 19, 2017

Enjoy Plum-blossoms!

Hi.This is Ena from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.
What is your purpose of visiting Japan?
Recently,the cherry blossoms(Sakura) in Japan are super famous all over the world. It is said that the best time to see Sakura will be around Apr 4th in Hiroshima this year. 
 ☆Sakura Cherry Blossom Calendar Forecast for 2017(JPN)

As soon as the cherry blossom blooms, then the crowds will follow.
However, I personally think  plum-blossoms(Ume) are about as pretty as them.  
Ume (plum-blossoms)
The Shukkeien Japanese Garden in Hiroshima is known as a popular spot to admire beautiful plum-blossoms.There are over 100 plum-trees with red and white flowers in the garden.
NOW,they are in full bloom and you will be able to enjoy them till next weekend!
Before the SAKURA season,why don't you enjoy the Japanese spring with plum-blossoms without crowds? 
<The Shukkeien Japanese Garden (縮景園) >
About 10min Walk from JR Hiroshima Sta.
Or, take a sightseeing Loop Bus to Shukkeien stop
(FREE with a Japan Rail Pass) 

9AM-5PM (from Oct 1st to Mar 31st)
    9AM-6PM (from Apr 1st to Sept 30th)

◎Admission Fee
・Adult 260yen

・Students(High school and University students) 150yen
・Children (Elementary and Junior high school students)  100yen


Feb 17, 2017

New restaurant 2mins from Hana!

Hello! This is Tomomi from Hana hostel in Hirohsima.

Just 2mins from Hiroshima HANA, finally some ongoing construction finished and new restaurants have just opened.

Today I introduce one of the new restaurants:

They open from 7am to 11pm.
Since almost all the restaurants and shops near the Hiroshima station open from 10am, this place will be the good one to have breakfast. And I like their interior.

If you miss burger or steak in Japan, why don't you try this new restaurant!?:)

Morning: 7am-11am
Lunch  : 11am-3pm
Dinner  :3pm- 11pm(LO.22:30)

Feb 7, 2017

What sport do you like?

Hello from Hiroshima Hana Hostel in Hiroshima. It’s Kana here.
January has already over …It’s February now… I just can’t believe it...Time flies…..super fast…

How was your first month of year 2017? Did you have good holiday with your family and friends?

What sport do you like?? What sport is the most popular in your country??

National sport in Japan is SUMO. And we, especially elder people love that. To be honest, I have never seen that, but if I have any opportunity to watch the SUMO game, I’d love to go and watch it!

But SUMO is quite hard to watch it. And quite expensive. Also hardly held the game in Hiroshima..

So let me introduce some other sport!!
I bet many people love BASKETBALL. We have local professional team in Hiroshima.
The name is


It is established in 2014. so actually quite new team. The head coach is one of the best player before becoming head coach. He is still very well known as the best player and I am one of his big fan!
There will be 4 games held in Hiroshima this month! You can’t miss it!!


★ Feb 11th Sat 14:00~
Feb 12th Sun 13:30~
Feb 25th Sat 14:00~
Feb 26thSun 13:30~

Hiroshima station Take truck #1
About 12minutes Get off at INOKUCHI station
About 5 minutes walk to SUNPLAZA HALL

The ticket available from 2600 yen! You can buy the ticket at the hall!!

I have been there couple times and I really enjoyed it! So I really really recommend it!