Feb 27, 2011

March 1st(Tue) Molly's Med 1st Anniversary!!

Molly's Med 1st Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!

Molly's Med Cafe celebrates a year of bringing the kebab back to town with some special prices.

  • Lamb kebab (small) ¥500
  • Lamb kebab (large) ¥700
  • Lamb kebab (small) + beer set ¥800
Molly's Med Cafe
Hiroshima Teigeki Kaikan Building 1F
In the road directly behind Molly Malone's (Chuo-dori)
01 March - 01 March 11:00 - 01:00 Hrs

Feb 21, 2011

March 5th(Sat.)- film 「COLD SLEEP」

My friend Tasuku Tsuji is showing his debut performance in this film, so I would like to introduce this film "COLD SLEEP". He joined this drama as a drummer and a sub dancer.

It's mixed performance with a violin and ballet showing their love story in the era of post-apocalyptic world.The woman was in the cold sleep. And the tough guy appeared in front of her. She awake from cold sleep and fell in love with him. However strong thunder killed him. She was so depressed and fell sleep into cold sleep again...

My writing skill in English is not good so I cannot explain well, but this drama was cinemized drama which was played on New National Theatre, Tokyo last fall.

If you have interest, go and watch the film!

Ikuko Kawai (violinist and composer)
Farouk Ruzimatov(ballet dancer)
Tasuku Tsuji

Term:March 5th-
Place:Hiroshima WALD 11
Admission:2800 yen

Please go to official website(JPN)

Feb 15, 2011

Feb 16(Wed) Organza Burlesque Night♪

-Organza Burlesque Night-

Burlesque and belly dance shows as part of subculture haven Organza's week of 3rd anniversary celebrations.


* Safi (Burlesque)
* Cherry Typhoon (Burlesque))
* Nori (Bellydance)
* Wendy (Bellydance)
* chiko (Bellydance)

Adv: ¥2500 (+ one food/drink order)
Door: ¥3000 (+ one food/drink order)<

Doors open at 19:00
Show starts at 20:00

Hiroshima shi, Naka-ku 1-4-32 Tokaichi-machi
Morimoto Bld 2F (next to the Shell GS)
Locationsee more about "Organ-za"

10min walk from J-hoppers Hiroshima

16 February 19:00 Hrs

Feb,19(Sat)Hadaka Matsuri (Naked Festival)in Okayama

Every February, on one of the coldest nights of the year, thousands of men parade around Saidaiji in Okayama Prefecture wearing nothing but fundoshi, getting geed up for a midnight battle for some lucky sticks in the main hall of Saidaiji Temple.

More on the Hadaka Matsuri


* Survivor takes here and here.
* Account by someone who survived watching Hadaka Matsuri here.
* Amy Chavez on The Naked Festival
* Hadaka Matsuri videos on YouTube
* Hadaka Matsuri video on Japan In Motion

The Hadaka Matsuri takes place on the 3rd Saturday of February every year.

You can pick up a fundoshi for about ¥1000 and join in the "fun" or just go along and watch. The shingi sticks are released at midnight, but there are other events held at the temple from 6pm.

Take the Ako Line to Saidaiji from Okayama Station (30 minutes).
From Hiroshima-Okayama(41min by hikari shinkansen)
The last train from Saidaiji sta to Hiroshima
saidaiji 20:48--22:34 Hiroshima
saidaiji 21:41--23:38 Hiroshima

Feb 2, 2011

Feb. 3 (Thu) Eho-Maki Night

Why don't you join us, Eho-Maki Night at J-Hoppers Hiroshima!!?

February the 3rd is the official end of winter according to the traditional Japanese calendar.
Eating Ehou-maki on the day is one of the special traditional events which has become popular recently.

In Western Japan, people make giant Sushi rolls. It's believed if you eat an entire Sushi Roll facing towards the lucky direction of the year with NO SPEAKING, then you will get good fortune!

We will make Eho-Maki (Fortune Sushi Roll) and eat it facing the south-southeast with everybody together.

Let's have fun and get good fortune for 2011 with us!!!