Sep 26, 2011

2011,September 27th ORGANZA Dinner show!!!

2011,September 27th ORGANZA Dinner show!!!

「Tomoko Shimazaki」

One of our favorite cafe n bar Organza.
They have
regular show which is called 'Organza Dinner show'

The guest is Tokomo Shimazaki.
She plays the piano and sing a song.
There are some art works in the cafe at the same time!

Date :September 27th
Time:20:00 21:00(2 stages)
Fee:Admission Free!!!!!!

It only 5 minutes from J-Hopeprs Hiroshima to ORGANZA.
Come and stay and then go to the dinner show together!!

Sep 25, 2011

Sept.29 (Thu) Hiking & Cycling along the Shimanami Kaido

Fall has just arrived in Hiroshima and it is the perfect season for biking!

Simanami Kaido is well known as one of the best bridges for biking with the beautiful landscape of the Inland sea and islands.

Why don't you join the Day Tour? It is very reasonable price now!

Please check the following link for the details:

The tour starts with a 15 minute boat ride from Mihara port along the calm water of the Inland Sea. At Innoshima Island we climb Mt. Shirataki, a small mountain (227 meters, 750 feet) to see 700 Buddhist statues and enjoy a panoramic view of the sea and neighboring islands. After lunch, we bike 17 km (10 miles) along the coast and cross a beautiful 790-meter (2600-feet) cable bridge to Ikuchi island. After a short break at a local sherbet shop, we arrive at Setoda where our tour ends.

Tour Date:

Sept.29 (Thu)

Tour Fee:

Guide Fee: JP¥3,000 JP¥1,500 Monitor Price!!
Ferry from Mihara to Innoshima: JP¥780
Bike Rental: JP¥1,500


5 hours 15 minutes

Meeting Time & Point:

10:00 am at JR Mihara Station South Exit

Finishing Time & Point:

3:15 pm at Setoda Port at Ikuchi Island

TONIGHT!!! Sept. 25(Sun) Kaurismaki Night @ Organza

J-Hoppers Hiroshima's favorite cafebar, Organ-za has a live night tonight!

Five piece band from Tokyo playing Japanesque Romani tunes do two sets.

They play at Organza every year and people always enjoy their world of music...

There is no charge, but you are expected to buy a drink and/or some food. If you like the music, please drop something in the hat.

Shows at 20:00 and 21:00.

Just 5 mins walk from J-Hoppers Hiroshima.