Mar 26, 2014

Japanese art of Tea ceremony!

                             It's feeling more and more like spring.
                  Yes!! The SAKURA(cherry blossom)season has come!!

            Today, I'd like to introduce a good spring event in Hiroshima.


   "Japanese art of Tea ceremony in Shukkei-en garden"

Place:Hiroshima Shukkei-en Garden

Date:April 6th(9:00~14:30)

Access:10min. walk from "Hiroshima station" or 2min. walk from "Shukkei-en mae" station(Tram)

Fee:entrance fee(250yen)+participation fee(700yen)


 I'm sure that you can enjoy spring in Hiroshima through this intercaltural experience!!

Mar 22, 2014

SHIMA AKARI in Miyajima

This is a lighting-up event in Miyajima.

You can enjoy running light with history, 

culture, and landscape of Miyajima.


DATE : March 21st  ~ May 11th (in the evening-10pm)

PLACE : on the way from Miyajima bridge to Itsukushima shrine

ACCESS : Take a ferry from Miyajimaguchi station

 In this season, You can also enjoy The cherry blossoms in Miyajima.

It can be amazing view with the running light 

and The cherry blossoms!!!

Enjoy Japanese Spring!!!!!


Mar 21, 2014

Mar 8th - Apr 20th Morikazu Kumagai Exhibition

Mar 8th - Apr 20th Morikazu Kumagai Exhibition

Morikazu Kumagai was born in Gifu in 1880, and started out
painting in a Fauvist-like style at the beginning of his
career. The artist then isolated himself from the art circle
after WWII to establish a unique style based on clear outlines
and even colour fields.

Open 09:00-17:00 every day
Admission until 16:30
Admission also includes admission to the permanent exhibition
of paintings by European masters.

Adults: ¥1200, Seniors 65+ with ID:¥1000, 
Senior high/College students: ¥900, 
Primary/Secondary students: ¥500

Hiroshima Museum of Art

3-2 Motomachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima, 730-0011 Japan