Jan 31, 2010

Feb 3 (Wed) Setsubun

February 3rd is Setsubun(節分). Setsubun literally means seasonal division and marks the coming of spring.

On setsubun there is special ritual called Mamemaki, it means bean-throwing, to expel demons and invite fortune. It's performed at houses, temples and shrines all over Japan. People throw roasted soybeans saying "Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi! (Get out Ogre! Come in Happiness!)." After mamemaki, people eat the number of beans as to their age. It's believed people won't get sick during the year by doing so.

In Hirhoshima, Daishoin Temple on Miyajima is a popular place to take part in the ritual. The ritual will start from 11:00.

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In the city center the ritual is also performed at Gokoku Shrine, located in front of Hiroshima Castle from 15:30.

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Jan 29, 2010

▲Hiroshima▲ You shouldn't miss,,,,,!!

Hi there!!Today I'll introduce my favorite's places to you.
Both of this place,you could feel relax and spend some slow-paced time there.

                 「Hiroshima World peace Memorial Cathedral」

World peace Memorial Cathedral built by Murano Togo.Besides,the Cathedral is designated as important cultural properties in Japan.

Actually, I do not really care about religion,just like this architecture and beauty.
When the daylight comes through the stained glass and it looks like a abstract.
You can feel free to visit and go in there.(they are closed at 17:00)

another place is Cafe which is called 「ORUGANZA」
The cafe is located really close from J-Hoppers Hiroshima and plus there are open till late!
They serve good food,drink and throw a party almost every weekend!!

Especially I like atmosphere of the cafe.The cafe is decorated with retro furnishings,wallpaper and goods.Also they often display some art works artist from Hiroshima.

During you stay at J-Hoppers Hiroshima,You shouldn't miss the cafe「Oruganza」and「Hiroshima World peace Memorial Cathedral」!!

Jan 28, 2010

Jan 29 (Fri) Information of Live Concert for foreign travelers!!

Nice music! and SPECIAL FEE for foreign travelers!!
January,29 (Fri)
Do you know KOTO?
KOTO is a kind of zither. It has been used as one of  the main chamber instruments of Japanese traditional music style.  

The length of KOTO is about 180cm. A traditional KOTO has 13 strings,
being arched tautly across 13 movable bridges along the length of the instrument.

Players make base pitches by moving these13 bridges before playing.It is very interesting to watch!

Why don't you listen a performance of KOTO here

in Hiroshima?!

It's about 20min walk from J-hoppers Hiroshima!

Dates/Times:29 January 19:00(open) 19:30(start)
Special fee for foreign travelers:
2,000 yen ( One Drink )←Sounds nice!!


Tatemachi Wing BF1-A,6-1
Tate-machi, Naka-ku Hiroshima City.

For more information:

About RAKUZA:http://www13.ocn.ne.jp/~rakuza/
Map of RAKUZA is Here

Jan 16, 2010

LOU and SHUKI's Music Session!

Do you know 'BLUE MAN Group'??

Blue Man Group is a creative organization originally from NY. The organization produces theatrical shows and concerts featuring music, comedy and multimedia in all over the world!
(Link to Blue Man Group: http://www.blueman.com/)

Now, we are having 2 back band members from the Blue Man Group Japan here at J-Hoppers Hiroshima!!!

The basist, LOU and the drummer SHUKI are going to play Dulcimer and Djembe at the Peace Memorial Park on Sunday, January 17th!

They are going to start the performance around 12pm on Motoyasu Bridge at the Peace Memorial Park.

It must be super cool.

Don't miss it!

Jan 13, 2010

Tea that brings people happiness!?

In Japan,there is tea that brings people happiness. It is called "Oobuku-cha" .The word "Oobuku",meaning "Big Happy" and "cha",meaning "tea". Oobuku-cha is drunk at the new years as a lucky tea.

At Syukkeien Garden(Hiroshima city),they will have a
Oobuku-cha ceremony on 17th of January.Why don't you drink "Big Happy Tea"? The happy tea will warm you up and bring you happiness!!

Oobuku Tea ceremony

Dates and times:17th of January 10:00-15:00(order time in 10:00-15:00)

The charge for participating in the tea ceremony is ¥1200. Admission to the park (¥250) is not included.

Address:Shukkeien Garden
2-11 kami-noborimachi,Naka-ku,

Jan 8, 2010

Jan 9 (Sat) J-Hoppers Hiroshima will be featured on a live-broadcast radio show

J-Hoppers Hiroshima will be featured on a live-broadcast radio show on the 9th of January. The theme of the show will be "travel". Please come to the living room around 9:20AM this Saturday (on the 9th of January), if you would like to appear on the live-broadcast radio show!!

You'll be a popular foreigner in Hiroshima!!