Oct 25, 2012


Hiroshima Dreamination

From the 17th November to the 3rd of January. Everyday between 17:30 and 22:30
The festival is hosted by the Light-up Hiroshima Project Executive Committee and supported by all public and private broadcasters in Hiroshima as a winter night attraction in for residents and visitors. Every street in down town Hiroshima, together with the town squares are illuminated with a million and a half LED lights.

AreaLocation on Peace BoulevardAreaLocation on Peace Boulevard
Fruit groveNHK HiroshimaGuardian groveHotel Sunroute Hiroshima
Tower of the Origami craneANA Crown Plaza HiroshimaDream treeHotel Dormy Inn Hiroshima
Peace CastleHiroshima Crystal PlazaHoly placeHiroshima Daini Yuraku Building
Hopes of the citizensMitsui Garden Hotel HiroshimaSailing ship of healingTakeda Hiroshima Building
Happy landHiroshima Tokyu InnPhoenix hillChugoku Apollo
Snowfield of aurorasKouwa buildingParadise of angelsHiroshima Shinkin Bank
WingsOriental Hotel HiroshimaProtective god DragonHiroshima Kenshin

Oct 7, 2012



October 27th & 28th 10:00-17:00
Around Hiroshima Castle
(15-minute walk from J-Hoppers Hiroshima)

Lots and lots of food, cooking demos, displays, flea market, kagura and culture displays... and a few hundred thousand people looking for free samples in and around Hiroshima Castle.
Over 300 booths from 23 towns and cities in the prefecture will be hawking everything from beef to oysters around Hiroshima Castle, in the Shareo shopping bunker and around Pacela.
Enjoy all different kinds of food from all over Japan and the world!:)
Official website (Japanese)