Jul 31, 2014

August 3rd MIyajima Sun Dance!!!

August 3 @ 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

| Adv 3000, Gate ¥3500 (inlcudes ¥300 Red Cross donation)
10 years since the first outing of this international “beach” party. It has island hopped
over the years, but now has a semi-regular home at Tsutsumigaura Beach Park on Miyajima.
BAnds, DJs, dance shows, contests, international food stalls and lots of sun and booze.

If you haven't been to the beach this summer yet,you shouldn't miss it!!

Jul 21, 2014

☆☆Yassa festival in Mihara☆☆

Hello!!  It's coming Summer day by day!! This is Mayu from 

J-Hoppers Hiroshima!!

In Japan, It's really hot and wet in Summer... 

So, actually I don't like a Summer.

But, You can enjoy many events in here. It should be interesting for you.

I will introduce some summer festival.


YASSA is to call out encouragement to someone for cheer up.

They dance a YASSA dance, And make an outcry "YASSA!! YASSA!!"

There are 8000 dancer for 3 days. That's amazing!!


So... You can enjoy watching so many dancer and 

Japanese traditional music. And also at the final, It has a fire work

from the river. It should be great experience for you!!!!

DATE: 2014,8,8-10 (dance 8th-9th firework 10th)

PLACE: around JR MIHARA station

ACCSESS: 1,5hour from Hiroshima station by local train.
  30minutes from Hiroshima station by Shinkansen.

HP: http://www.yassa.net/

Jul 7, 2014

OKINAWA FESTA 2014 in Hiroshima!!


               "OKINAWA FESTA 2014"  in Hiroshima!!


Date: July 19th-27th(11AM-9PM)

Cost: Free

Place: the old baseball stadium in downtown(20 min walk from J-Hoppers Hiroshima Guesthouse.)


                          This festival will be held for 9days!!!
                    You can enjoy Okinawan food, music and culture!