Jul 21, 2014

☆☆Yassa festival in Mihara☆☆

Hello!!  It's coming Summer day by day!! This is Mayu from 

J-Hoppers Hiroshima!!

In Japan, It's really hot and wet in Summer... 

So, actually I don't like a Summer.

But, You can enjoy many events in here. It should be interesting for you.

I will introduce some summer festival.


YASSA is to call out encouragement to someone for cheer up.

They dance a YASSA dance, And make an outcry "YASSA!! YASSA!!"

There are 8000 dancer for 3 days. That's amazing!!


So... You can enjoy watching so many dancer and 

Japanese traditional music. And also at the final, It has a fire work

from the river. It should be great experience for you!!!!

DATE: 2014,8,8-10 (dance 8th-9th firework 10th)

PLACE: around JR MIHARA station

ACCSESS: 1,5hour from Hiroshima station by local train.
  30minutes from Hiroshima station by Shinkansen.

HP: http://www.yassa.net/

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