Jul 26, 2015

July 29th Sumiyoshi-san Summer Festival

July 29th Sumiyoshi-san Summer Festival

Sumiyoshi-san, along with the Tokasan and Ebessan festivals,
is one of Hiroshima city’s big three annual shrine festivals that have long histories.
Sumiyoshi Shrines are dedicated to water gods and Sumiyoshi Shrine is located right next to the river in Sumiyoshi-cho on Route 2.

It’s a real local festival and the neighborhood streets are lined with the usual festival food and game stalls. Many people visit the shrine over the two days to pray for good health and good fortune.…

Date:July 29th
Place:Sumiyoshi shrine (it takes about 15 minutes walk from J-Hoppers Hiroshima)

You could see Kagura dance performance at the shrine!!

Jul 19, 2015

Hiroshima Port “Dream” Fireworks Festival

Date:July 25th
* No postponement for rain. To be held on the 26th (Sun) in case of postponement for any other reason.



Venue:Hiroshima Port 10,000 Ton Berth (hiroshima-kou-ichi-man-ton-baasu)
 (15min walk from Kaigan-dori tram station)


You can enjoy various types of fireworks around10,000 bangs!! 
Don't miss it!!!

Jul 18, 2015

☆☆Art Aquarium Exhibition☆☆

This is a memorial project of 70years after atomic bomb.

Have you seen the Art Aquarium?
It's an Art that settle on the subject matter of "KINGYO".

"KINGYO" is a goldfish. 
This is ingrained culture for viewing in Japan.
 You can enjoy amazing  Exhibition by KINGYO and water and light:)

DATE : July 25 - September 6th 2015

PLACE : NTT Credo Hall

TIME :      Monday-Thursday  10:00-21:00
              Friday,Saturday  10:00-23:00 
 Sunday  10:00-20:00

*After 18:00,It will be changed light and music
and you can enjoy some drink at the same time!!