Mar 31, 2015

March 24 - April 5 Cherry blossom “yozakura” night viewing

Cherry blossom “yozakura” night viewing 
@ Shukkeien garden

Admission Fee:
Adult ¥260, 

College & HS Students ¥150, 
JHS & Elementary School Students ¥100

The many varieties of cherry blossom in Shukkeien Garden illuminated after dark.
The garden is open until 8:30pm Monday to Thursday and until 9pm Friday, Saturday and Suinday, but make sure you get in 30 minutes before closing.

Mar 15, 2015

Miyajima Hina Doll Festival!

 Have you ever heard about Hina Doll?

In Japan, every year on March 3rd, we celebrate the Girl's Festival.(Hina Matsuri)
On this day, we set up special dolls called Hina Doll like this!

 **********Miyajima Hina Doll Festival************
Date: March 21st -April 5th
 Place:About30 historical residences and shops on Miyajima Island

   You can see antique Hina Doll displays in Miyajima Island on this event!!
    Don't miss it!!

Mar 14, 2015

Shinto music and dance numbers of Hiroshima

Have you watched Shinto music and dance numbers??

We call that KAGURA.

There is Hiroshima style KAGURA in here...


******** KAGURA Dinner show *****

 DATE : March 28th 

TIME : 17: 30

TICKET : 10000yen with course meal and free drink

PLACE : HOTEL NEW HIRODEN (3minutes from Hiroshima st.)

HP :

!!You need to get a ticket in advance!!