Dec 26, 2016

New Year's Day @ Hiroshima Gokoku Shrine

It is already now at the end of December....
Do you have any plans for New Year's Eve or New Year's Day?

On New Year's Day many Japanese go to the shrine to worship.
If you are coming to Hiroshima for those days, why don't you go to Gokoku Shrine?
Hiroshima Gokoku Shrine(広島護国神社) is a Shinto shrine  next to Hiroshima Castle.Every year many people.... more than 600,000 people visit there in the first three days of the new year for Hatsumode(初詣),the first visit of the year to a shrine.

This is how we worship at shrines;
1) Ring the bell
2) Throw change gently in the offering box
3) Two bows,
    two claps and one bow

Opening Hours
*Dec 31st   ~24:00

*Jan 1st    0:00~23:00
*Jan 2nd  8:00~22:00
*Jan 3rd  8:00~22:00

◎Dec 31st(大晦日 Oomisoka)

17:00~ 大祓式・除夜祭 
    New Year's Eve  Celemony

◎Jan 1st (元旦 Gantan) 

0:00~ 初神楽奉奏(巫女舞) Kagura

10:00~ 歳旦祭 New Year's Day Celemony

◆Access Hiroshima Gokoku Shrine
Take a Tram No.2 or 6 to Kamiyacho-Higashi stop from Hiroshima Sta.
Another 8min walk to the shrine

Have a good New Year's holiday!

** Be Careful ! **

The Peace Memorial Museum will be closed 
on Dec 30th and 31st.

Dec 18, 2016

A-bomb Dome Illuminations

Hello, this is TOMOMI from Hiroshima HANA!

In 2016, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hiroshima’s iconic Atomic Bomb Dome as an UNESCO World Heritage site.

Trees around the A-bomb Dome are now decorated with strings of blue LEDs and orizuru peace crane decorations. The blue color is said to symbolize peace.
The Hiroshima City Government hopes that the blue Illuminations spread a message of peace to the world.

Still, some people claimed that it's not the right place to have Illuminations.
But the Hiroshima City Government explained that they want more people to visit the Atomic Bomb Dome and the Peace Park and think how important "peace" is.

Personally, I think that is not a bad idea, because now it's more easy to recommend our guests to visit the Atomic Bomb Dorm, even in the evening. It should not be too dark with the blue lights. So the event gives more opportunities for visitors!

What do you think?

A-bomb Dome Illuminations
2016 Dec 7th ~ 2017 Feb 5th

5:30pm to 10:30pm

Dec 7, 2016

Chinka-sai MIYAJIMA

KONNICHIWA from Hiroshima Hanahostel, This is Kana here.
I just can't believe that it is already in December and we will have new year in less than a month...Time flies... There are many exciting events in December such as X'mas, New year Eve and so on.
What is your plan for that?? Hope all of you will have great holiday.

To whom considering to visit Japan for the new year eve, why don't you go to MIYAJIMA which is one of world heritage in Hiroshima.

Date:December 31st18:00 (6:00pm)

Chinka-sai is Fire Prevention Festival, takes place on the last day of the year in front of Itsukushima Shrine.

Local people make both large and small pine torches throughout the month of December. 
On the evening of the 31st, as twilight falls, families gather at the shore near the O-torii(Grand gate).

 One huge torch is carried from the Shrine and all of the other torches, including individual pine torches are lit. 
The larger pine torch is carried by around 40 men on their shoulder's, while children carry smaller ones. 
As the torches intensely burn the coastline become a combination of fire and water as the people run about chanting "Yoi, Yoi."  You should say it out in a loud voice with them too!
 It must be great fun! Just be like a local people!!

After the festival, the embers from the torches are offered to family alters as a good luck charm to prevent fire and to welcome the New Year. You might be able to get it too!! The thing is you CAN bring it back your country or NOT...

To Miyajima is only 25minutes from Hiroshima station and another 10 minutes by ferry, EASY access from Hana hostel!

I hope the New Year finds you in excellent spirit!

Dec 2, 2016

a dedicatory Bugaku for MIYAJIMA

Do you know Bugaku?
It's a traditional Japanese court music accompanied by dancing.
It's coming a 20th anniversary as world heritage for MIYAJIMA.

You can enjoy a spacial Bugaku in MIYAJIMA!!



 DATE : 2016, December  6th   from the efternoon
 PLACE : the stage at ITSUKUSHIMA shrine
 ACCESS : 15minutes from JR Sanyo line Miyajimaguchi st. by ferry
                 and walk 10minutes
 FEE : 300yen for the entrance shrine
 H P :



Nov 9, 2016

Colored Leaves Iluminated at Shukkei-en Garden

Hi! It's Chippy from J Hoppers Hiroshima.

Although you still could feel the end of summer a few weeks ago with warm temperature, it suddenly got much colder in the last few days...
It's time to see Autumn colored leaves in Japan!

One of the most popular sights in Hiroshima, Shukkei-en Garden is having an annual event “Momiji Matsuri”(Maple Festival) from Nov.19th to 30th, and it's maple trees with their red leaves will be lit up from the 23rd to the end of the festival.

The garden is usually closed at 5pm in November, but it's open until 9pm only during this period.
If enjoying the beautiful colored leaves is one of the purposes of your Japan trip, you cannot miss it!!

◇Dates: November 23rd to 30th 
◇Hours: 9:00am-9:00pm
(Final admission:8:30pm)
 ◇Illumination: 5:30pm-9:00pm 
◇Admission Fee: 260yen

 For further information, visit the link below;

Nov 3, 2016

Grand Inoko festival on Nov 5th. 6th

City center festival which melds tradition with art in Fukuromachi Park – centered on a 1.5 ton rock suspended by ropes attached to 88 bamboo trees.

 grand inoko matsuri

Date  November 5th,and  6th.
Place Fukuromachi Park


Nov. 5 (Sat.)
Inoko Parade (in hon-dori) 1:00 pm
'OOINOKO' (stone up) 3:00 pm
Omote-Syukusai (ritual dedication)7:00 pm

Nov. 6(Sun.)
'OOINOKO' (stone up) 1:00 pm
'Oneri' (in hon-dori) 6:10 pm
Ura-Syukusai (ritual dedication) 6:30 pm
Tsunakiri (grandfinale) 8:00 pm
Parking is limited. Visitors are encouraged to use nearby parking or public transportation.

Grand Inoko Festa:A 1.5 ton of gigantic rock will  be floating in the air!  

More information, please go to this page :

Oct 24, 2016

⚾Hiroshima Carp Victory Parade⚾

⚾Hiroshima Carp Victory Parade⚾ 
Nov 5th  From 10:30  FREE
@Peace Boulevard
Take a tram #1 to Hondori stop 
(You can not get on/off at Fukuro-machi stop 10-12pm on Nov 5th)

Since our baseball team,Hiroshima Carp won the Central League on Sept 10th,they are having the victory parade in November at Peace Boulevard!  We were hoping for this parade for a long time so many carp fans are going there to celebrate.
 Let's celebrate our HEROES together in HIROSHIMA!
Please check the details well if you are interested in it.
Hiroshima Carp Victory Parade (JPN): 
BOOKED BUS for the VICTORY parade ⚾

Oct 17, 2016

Autumn Sumo Tour in Hiroshima

This is Tomomi from Hiroshima Hana hostel!

Have you ever watched SUMO game in JAPAN?
Now you have the chance to watch a SUMO game in Hiroshima.
Around 260 sumo rikishi take part in this one day exhibition.

Oct 29th from  8am to 3pm

[How to get a ticket]
*Make reservations at the ticket center on 082-532-1701 (tickets and bento boxed lunches).
*  (and you can receive your ticket at Seven eleven/convenience store )

If you do not speak Japanese,You may need some help by Japanese people

about 10min walk from Shin inokuchi JR station
Sun Plaza Hall
3-1-1 Shoko Center, Nishi-ku
Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima-ken Japan

Oct 7, 2016

Kikka-sai Festival (Chrysanthemum Festival)

Date: 2016 Oct 15th
Place: Miyajima Itsukushima Shrine
Admission fee to Itsukushima Shrine : ¥300

Konnichiwa from Hiroshima Hana Hostel It's Kana here.
Summer is already over without noticing and we are having  Autumn with  beautiful colored leaves.
We enjoyed beautiful colored leaves in Autumn and Cherry blossom on Spring, so if you have any opportunity to visit Japan, You must see them!

Speaking of colored leaves, I know one of the best place in Hiroshima which is MIYAJIMA.
Miyajima is one of world heritage. MUST GO PLACE.

There is one of festival in Miyajima in Oct so you can both enjoy world heritage with beautiful colored leaves and Festival at same time!!!

On Oct 15th, there will be Kikka-sai Festival (Chrysanthemum Festival)

The court dance and music introduced into Miyajima from Kyoto by Kiyomori Taira is dancing by the gagaku. Around 20 pieces including "Ryo-oh", "Nasori" "Manzai raku" and "Engi raku" are still handed down to Itsukushima Shrine from the latter period in the twelfth century.

You can enjoy one of old traditional dance! It will be very good experience for you!

If you have JR pass, No cost for you to get to Miyajima from Hiroshima station which is only 5 minutes walk away from Hana Hostel!

Sep 26, 2016

Hiroshima city Sake Festival 2016

 Hiroshima Sake Festival  2016

There is little sake festival at Alice garden in Hiroshima city.
 October 1st is Sake day!!

You can drink all if you buy a 1000yen ticket.

500yen , you can drink 5 kind of sake.
The time is from 17:00 to 19:30.

If you have any chance to come Hiroshima city  in October 1st, and you love to drink,
let's join them and try to Japanese sake :)

Sep 14, 2016

A costume parade in Onomichi

Onomichi is quite popular for a movie,a books, and an animation.

You can join the parade if you disguise yourself as something:)

You will enjoy Japanese culture a lot!!


DATE : 2016,September 24th,~25th

TIME : 24th  12:00~19:00  25日th  11:00~16:00

PLACE : Onomichi HONDORI street

ACCESS : 5 minutes from Onomichi JR station

FEE : free

HP :


Sep 11, 2016

First Time in 25 years!!

No one in Hiroshima missed the historic game last night.

Carps, the baseball team from Hiroshima finally won the championship of the Central League by beating the Giants 6-4 in Tokyo Dome!

We'd been waiting for this for 25 YEARS!!

I can't believe it took such a long time to be the first place. When they last won the title was back in 1991, the same year I was born!

I was born and raised in Hiroshima, and it was only natural for me to watch baseball games rooting for the Carps in the stadium or on TV when I was little.

But it seems kinda strange for people from other cities to see Hiroshima citizens being so enthusiastic about Carps. I've been asked many times by my university friends "why are you so into Carps?" when I lived in Yokohama (where people are not that interested in baseball even though they have their own team to support in the city LOL)

Well.. there is a good reason for our enthusiasm!

Ever since the Carps was established in 1950, few years after the war ended, the team had struggled with LACK OF MONEY.
Then the citizens made donations of four million yen to save the team. When the Mazda Stadium was built in 2009, we also donated for more than a hundred million yen for the construction. We call the donations "Barrel fundraising," and we're very proud of what we've done!

That's why we have this kind of feelings that "We raised the team" and  love the Carps a lot!

A lot of parties are now going on in bars and restaurants in the city. It's the BEST time even for tourists to buy things a lot cheaper as big sales (like up to 25 % off) are happening in department stores and appliance stores!

I'm really excited to see Carps win the Japan series and literally be the champion of Japan! Go Carps!!

Aug 24, 2016

Team Lab★island Art Museum 2016 Hiroshima

July 27 - September 4   
10am-8pm (final admission 19:30)
@NTT Cred Hall (Pacela 11F)
Advance: Adult 1000yen, 12-18years 700yen, Children 500yen
Door: Adult 1200yen, 12-18years  800yen, Children 600yen

This is a light show by Japanese design collective teamLab.
The theme of this event is DANCE! Art Museum and Learn & Play! Future Park.
There are digital aquarium, a field of flowers and color balls. You can enjoy the fanciful and unrealistic world there!

Access:  About 5min walk from A-Bomb Dome
Take Tram No.2 or 6 to Kamiyacho-Nishi stop from Hiroshima station.
About 5min walk from the tram stop to  @NTT Cred Hall (Pacela 11F)

Aug 17, 2016

Hiroshima Orizuru Tower

Hi! This is TOMOMI from Hirsohima hana!

Just next to the Atomic Bomb Dome, a new building partially opened on July11th this year and it will begin full operations on Sep 23rd.

It's called 'Hiroshima Orizuru Tower'.

Orizuru means paper crane in Japanese.

*1st floor--- Cafe and Souvenir Select
*F2       ---conference room
*F3-11  ---office
*F12     ---Orizuru SQUARE
*F13     ---Hiroshima Hills RF

On the 1st floor at SOUVENIR SELECT "Hito to Ki",  has 1,000 items including Hiroshima's famous products. You will find nice souvenirs for your family or friends.

The Akushu Café is also on the 1st floor and they have a lot of interesting original menu items like: Stick-Shaped Okonomiyaki "OKOS", Fresh Fried Potato Chips "NAMACHI", "OKO-MOKO DON" and others.

From the roof top on the 13th floor, you will see the great view with Atomic Bomb Dorm and also Miyajima. You can take nice pictures!! And it is also beautiful at night.

And for an extra fee, you can make paper cranes  and ’drop-in’ your crane into a space in the glass wall from the 12th floor.
Eventually, the wall will be filled by the cranes which the visitors dropped-in.

Why don't you visit Hiroshima Orizuru Tower and throw your paper crane :)

Hiroshima Orizurutower


[Open hours]
During PRE-Open period: July 11th-Sept. 22nd  10:00~21:00

*Ticketing and the entrance to the roof observatory is closed at 1 hour before the closing of the building

  • 18 years and over ¥1700
  • 12-17 years ¥900
  • 6-11 years ¥700
  • 4-5 years ¥500
*extra ¥500 charge for Orizuru
 (¥600 if you don’t buy your extra “orizuru throw in” ticket in the lobby and choose to pay once you get to the 12th floor)

Aug 10, 2016

✺ *:'.;* Shobara Summer Fireworks Festival ✺ *:'.;*

August: 28th 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Place:Shobara’s Ueno Park


 Konnichiwa from Hiroshima Hana Hostel, It's Kana here. 
It's getting hotter and hotter everyday in Japan..
Many people struggle with heatstroke and it is becoming serious problem, so Please take good care of yourself while traveling in Japan.

Speak of summer event in Japan is FIREWORK FESTIVAL!! Dress in YUKATA(Japanese traditional clothing  like KIMONO for summer wear)  and get out of town and enjoy beautiful fireworks!
It held only during summer so if you are in Japan now, please do not miss them!!

There is a one in Shobara  Hroshima prefecture. There will be 3000 of display of fireworks.
It takes about 3 hours from Hiroshima Station by JR.
It is good to enjoy local train to little country side rather than stay in the town with crowd.
Also This Shobara Summer fire works festival is placed top 4 in Hiroshima fireworks event.
Must see and enjoy it! It will be great experience if you could dress in YUKATA and enjoy the fireworks with local people!

Jul 24, 2016

A festival in Miyoshi town

☆MIYOSHI Kinsai Festival☆

Miyoshi is located at Mountainous region in Hiroshima.
It takes an hour and half from Hiroshima station by Geibi Line.


There is a summer festival. You can enjoy traditional dancing and
parade with a special dram which is from Miyoshi town.
Let's join them and have fun for all night!!


DATE : 2016,7,30 (July 30th) 

TIME :  16:00~
          Parade from 17:15 to 22:00 

ACCESS : 5~10 minutes from Miyoshi station

HP :


Jul 20, 2016

Summer in Japan is the season of fireworks!

Hi there, This is Shiori from J-hoppers Hiroshima.

Have you ever seen fireworks before in Japan?

There is fireworks festival in front of the 10,000 Ton Cruise Ship Berth on July 23rd, 


Date: July 23

Time: 8:00pm-9:00pm
Venue: Hiroshima Port 10,000 Ton Berth Ujina Hiroshima-shi,
Lots of people attend, so it will tend to be very crowded.

But it will become an unforgettable memory in your life. 

Enjoy summer in Japan to the fullest :)

Jul 14, 2016


Hey everyone! It's Chippy from J Hoppers Hiroshima.

As you guys all know, one of the best ways to spend your days off, is going to Circus!

From the 2nd of July to the 25th of September, Japan's most popular circus "KINOSHITA CIRCUS" plays their show in Hiroshima.

They are originally from Okayama prefecture which is next to Hiroshima, and it's been five years since they last played in the city. Founded in 1902, their long history reaches 114 years this year.

I went to see the show last Monday (the 11th of July), and that was super amazing!
Their show not only includes the great animal & human performance, but also has a strong narrative aspect. It contains the expression of Japanese culture everywhere too.

I got the cheapest seat for 2,800yen, but it was totally fine as the performing tent is not that big. If you want to see them from the front, I suggest you pay a bit more and get the best spot!

KINOSHITA CIRCUS is not only for kids! Everyone, from child to adult, can enjoy their overwhelming performance.

To see the English information, go to

Jun 27, 2016

President Obama's visit to Hiroshima !

Sitting President of USA Obama visited Hiroshima on May 27,2016.
Between June 30 and  August 31, the Peace Memorial Museum have put on display four paper cranes made by president Obama. Also, there is his signeture on the museum’s guest book with his message: “We have known the agony of war. Let us now find the courage, together, to spread peace, and pursue a world without nuclear weapons.”

papre cranes are known as a symbol of peace


Duration of exbihition : From June 30 to August 31.
Place: the Peace Memorial Museum (The main building on the north side)


Jun 18, 2016

Sunday Morning YOGA

This is Tomomi from Hiroshima!

Have you ever tried yoga?
Here is your new experience in Hiroshima!

There is a free morning yoga class every Sunday near the Peace Park.
The Peace Park is about 20 minutes from Hiroshima station by street car. 
The yoga class starts at 7am and goes until 8am. So you can start your day with doing yoga!!
The class is held in both Japanese and English.