Nov 3, 2016

Grand Inoko festival on Nov 5th. 6th

City center festival which melds tradition with art in Fukuromachi Park – centered on a 1.5 ton rock suspended by ropes attached to 88 bamboo trees.

 grand inoko matsuri

Date  November 5th,and  6th.
Place Fukuromachi Park


Nov. 5 (Sat.)
Inoko Parade (in hon-dori) 1:00 pm
'OOINOKO' (stone up) 3:00 pm
Omote-Syukusai (ritual dedication)7:00 pm

Nov. 6(Sun.)
'OOINOKO' (stone up) 1:00 pm
'Oneri' (in hon-dori) 6:10 pm
Ura-Syukusai (ritual dedication) 6:30 pm
Tsunakiri (grandfinale) 8:00 pm
Parking is limited. Visitors are encouraged to use nearby parking or public transportation.

Grand Inoko Festa:A 1.5 ton of gigantic rock will  be floating in the air!  

More information, please go to this page :

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