Oct 24, 2016

⚾Hiroshima Carp Victory Parade⚾

⚾Hiroshima Carp Victory Parade⚾ 
Nov 5th  From 10:30  FREE
@Peace Boulevard
Take a tram #1 to Hondori stop 
(You can not get on/off at Fukuro-machi stop 10-12pm on Nov 5th)

Since our baseball team,Hiroshima Carp won the Central League on Sept 10th,they are having the victory parade in November at Peace Boulevard!  We were hoping for this parade for a long time so many carp fans are going there to celebrate.
 Let's celebrate our HEROES together in HIROSHIMA!
Please check the details well if you are interested in it.
Hiroshima Carp Victory Parade (JPN): http://carpwin2016.com/ 
BOOKED BUS for the VICTORY parade ⚾

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