Jan 29, 2010

▲Hiroshima▲ You shouldn't miss,,,,,!!

Hi there!!Today I'll introduce my favorite's places to you.
Both of this place,you could feel relax and spend some slow-paced time there.

                 「Hiroshima World peace Memorial Cathedral」

World peace Memorial Cathedral built by Murano Togo.Besides,the Cathedral is designated as important cultural properties in Japan.

Actually, I do not really care about religion,just like this architecture and beauty.
When the daylight comes through the stained glass and it looks like a abstract.
You can feel free to visit and go in there.(they are closed at 17:00)

another place is Cafe which is called 「ORUGANZA」
The cafe is located really close from J-Hoppers Hiroshima and plus there are open till late!
They serve good food,drink and throw a party almost every weekend!!

Especially I like atmosphere of the cafe.The cafe is decorated with retro furnishings,wallpaper and goods.Also they often display some art works artist from Hiroshima.

During you stay at J-Hoppers Hiroshima,You shouldn't miss the cafe「Oruganza」and「Hiroshima World peace Memorial Cathedral」!!

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