Jan 13, 2010

Tea that brings people happiness!?

In Japan,there is tea that brings people happiness. It is called "Oobuku-cha" .The word "Oobuku",meaning "Big Happy" and "cha",meaning "tea". Oobuku-cha is drunk at the new years as a lucky tea.

At Syukkeien Garden(Hiroshima city),they will have a
Oobuku-cha ceremony on 17th of January.Why don't you drink "Big Happy Tea"? The happy tea will warm you up and bring you happiness!!

Oobuku Tea ceremony

Dates and times:17th of January 10:00-15:00(order time in 10:00-15:00)

The charge for participating in the tea ceremony is ¥1200. Admission to the park (¥250) is not included.

Address:Shukkeien Garden
2-11 kami-noborimachi,Naka-ku,

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