Feb 21, 2011

March 5th(Sat.)- film 「COLD SLEEP」

My friend Tasuku Tsuji is showing his debut performance in this film, so I would like to introduce this film "COLD SLEEP". He joined this drama as a drummer and a sub dancer.

It's mixed performance with a violin and ballet showing their love story in the era of post-apocalyptic world.The woman was in the cold sleep. And the tough guy appeared in front of her. She awake from cold sleep and fell in love with him. However strong thunder killed him. She was so depressed and fell sleep into cold sleep again...

My writing skill in English is not good so I cannot explain well, but this drama was cinemized drama which was played on New National Theatre, Tokyo last fall.

If you have interest, go and watch the film!

Ikuko Kawai (violinist and composer)
Farouk Ruzimatov(ballet dancer)
Tasuku Tsuji

Term:March 5th-
Place:Hiroshima WALD 11
Admission:2800 yen

Please go to official website(JPN)

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