Mar 20, 2010

March 21st Hiroshima City Center Fashion Show @ Namiki street▲▲▲

Namiki-dori will be closed to traffic on the afternoon of Sunday, March 21 and turned over to some of Hiroshima's fashion schools, shops and designers.

A 55m catwalk will set up at the north end (PARCO end) of Namiki-dori and there will be 3 shows between 1pm and 4:15pm.

Once it finishes, you can hop across to Alice Garden and catch the live show by singer-songwriter, Satoshi Mizumoto at the Music Cube Plus event.

One of my friends,He gonna join the event as a DJ!!!It gonna be so muh fun!!!!!!Can't wait....

Dates/Times:21 March 13:00 - 16:15 Hrs

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