Mar 22, 2010

March 26th(Fri)80kidz "THIS IS MY WORKS" release tour @Mugen∞5610

Tokyo electro outfit 80Kidz return to Hiroshima, and to Mugen This time, however, they are two instead of three, as Mayu has gone her own way.


Following in the footsteps of genre-mashing electronic artists such as Surkin, M.I.A, The Bang Gang DJs and Vitalic, 80kidz, hailing from Japan, are ready to show the world what Tokyo can do. They have performed alongside Justice, Boys Noize and Hot Chip, and remixed Cazals, CSS, Black kids and many more.
80kidz have just completed a New Music From Japan UK Tour with Strummerville, which saw them tour alongside other Japanese acts such as Tucker, Riddim Saunter and DeDe Mouse. They have also appeared at recent festivals like The Great Escape, Liverpool Sound City, Future Sonic and The Stag and Dagger, bringing a taste of Japanese musical culture to the British ear. They have recently released their album ‘This Is My Work’ on the KSR label .

They are so cool!!!You shoudn't miss their play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Host Djs
Liberty HeadZ (hrYn/Suu/snpy)

Tickets:Adv: ¥2500 (plus 1 ¥500 drink)

Door: ¥3000 (plus 1 ¥500 drink)

Address:Mugen∞5610(mugen gourudo)

2F & 3F Atsuma Bldg, 1-3 Yagenbori, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi

Dates/Times:26 March 22:00 Hrs

For more information:
Tel:(082)241-0089 (Maps)

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