Dec 26, 2010

Dec.31 (Fri) - Jan.5 (Wed) Itsukushima Shrine New Year Ceremonies

2010 is almost over... How fast time goes by!!

Many ceremonies are held in Miyajima during New Year Holidays.
Please check the informations as below:

Dec 31

 ●Chinka-sai Festival

Impressive festival held at Miyajima's Itsukushima Shrine on New Year's Eve to pray for the prevention of fire while seeing the old year out.

For a night to remember (or at least never forget), bundle up and fill those flasks full of warming cheer, and hang around as the crowds build in the run up to midnight as the New Year gets rung in by the temple bells. If you haven't had enough by then, make the early morning trek up to the top of Mt. Misen to catch the first sunrise of the New Year.

Jan 1, 2011
  • Shin-i Kenjo-shiki Ceremony (offering new clothes to deities)
  • Saitan-sai Festival Ceremony starts at noon.
  • Bugaku traditional dance performance starts at 5:30am.

Jan 2
  • Futsukasai Ceremony 09:00
  • Bugaku performance 13:00
Jan 3
  • Genshisai Ceremony 09:00
  • Bugaku performance 13:00
Jan 5
  • Chikyusai Ceremony and Bugaku performance 05:30
    Includes Batoh (Sunrise Dance) only performed once a year on this day.

We hope everyone had a good year and 2011 will be filled with lots of laughter!

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