Jan 14, 2011

Jan 20(Thu) Momote-sai @Omote Shrine on Miyajima


The ritual firing of the first arrow of the year at Omote Shrine on Miyajima.

Taking place at Omote Shrine on Miyajima, a shrine which actually predates the mosre famous Itsukushima Shrine, this annual ritual is the remanents of a grander ceremony which is said to have involved a hundred archers firing 200 arrows. These days, there is just one archer who after firing arrows towards heaven, the earth, left and right fires four more arrows at a target, 20 paces away, with the character oni, demon, painted on the back. While similar ceremonies in other parts of Japan are held to wish for bountiful harvests and for weather divination, according to the "Momote-sai website" this ritual is said to symbolize a determination to live the year peacefully.

After the ceremony, hohan is served. This is a dish of rice topped with various foods and soup, once eaten on the battlefield.


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Date:January 20th (Thu)


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