Apr 16, 2011

☆May 14(Sat) 15(Sun) FUKUYAMA Rose Festival 2011☆

The rose season comes to Fukuyama in May. Approximately 500,000 roses are in full bloom, and the Fukuyama Rose Festival is held to commemorate the event. Each year more than 800,000 people visit the Fukuyama Rose Festival, with its amusing attractions such as the parade and stage event centering on Rose Park.
The biggest event of the festival, however, is the “Rose Wedding.” One couple of every year blessed by the festival visitors has a wedding ceremony, surrounded by sweet, beautiful roses.

Also there is another big event which is "BUCHIUMA competition" .
(Buchi mean is very in Hiroshima dialect, Uma mean is yummy)
This time UZUMI theme. Uzumi is Fukuyama local cuisine which ingredients(chicken meat,prawn and so on) covered by rice. Because these foods were considered as luxury a long long time ago. Common people could not have them easily, so when they had opportunity to have them、they hide and ate.

Enjoy both roses and Uzumi~☆

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