May 15, 2011

☆Fukuyama Tonoura fireworks event in Bentenjima Island☆

May 31 (Saturday), the next day if it rains

In the end of May, when early summer comes to the Seto Inland Sea, fireworks are displayed in the sky of Benten-jima Island.

Have you ever watched any Hayao Miyazaki movie? He rented a house in Tomonoura, in which he stayed for two months in 2005 for movie "PONYO".

There are night stalls open on the opposite shore, and the colorful illumination reflected on the sea lends a unique atmosphere to this port town. Enjoy fire works with nice food from night stalls!!

Period : May 31 (Saturday), the next day if it rains
Venue : Tomonoura Benten-jima Island (Tomo-cho, Fukuyama City)
Time : 18:40 - 20:30
Inquiries : Fukuyama Tomonoura Benten-jima Fireworks Festival Committee Bureau (in Tourism Division, Economic Affairs Department, Economic Environment Bureau of Fukuyama City) TEL(084)928-1042・1043

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