Feb 7, 2013


Date: Feb 8th(Fri) 9th(Sat) 10th(Sun) 9:00am~20:00
Place: Mihara Station North Exit

Still middle of winter in Hiroshima, freezing but weather is calm.
There are many festival beginning of the year. This is another MATSURI(Festival) in Hiroshima prefecture MIHARA City. Takes about an hour by Shinkansen from Hiroshima Station.

There will be more than 500 food stall, sounds like HUGE festival.

Shinmeisai has been held for more than 440 years and this is very traditional one. The best part of it is you can see DARUMA(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daruma_doll) which is 2.4m in diameter. I think this is the biggest Daruma in Japan..Please check it out for me!

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