Feb 27, 2014

Miyajima Hina Doll Festival 2014

It's getting warmer and warmer here in Hiroshima after the frigid weeks that brought lots of snow.

And finally, I feel the promise of spring around the corner.

Speaking of spring, you know what that brings to mind?

I assume that many people associate Japanese spring with Cherry blossoms (Sakura).

During the cherry blossom season, you will see many people picnicking and enjoying their food / alcohol under cherry trees.
It's our traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of cherry blossom and that is called Hanami (party).

On March 3rd, a bit early for cherry blossoms, we have another traditional event called Hinamatsuri and it's also called Dolls' Festival or Girls' Day.
Hinamatsuri is celebrated annually to desire childrens' (girls') happiness in each households.

Displayed Hina Dolls on platforms covered with a red carpet are in a colorful Kimono or traditional court dress of the Heian Period and they are as beautiful as cherry blossoms. 

One of Hiroshima's World Heritage Sites, Miyajima, will hold a Hina Doll Festival in Cherry blossom season.

If you are visiting Miyajima in Spring, I bet you will enjoy the scenic island with temples and shrines in cherry blossoms.
However, Hina dolls are also one of the symbolic icons of Japanese tradition in spring and I hope this information assists you as a tip for your trip.

Details of Hina Doll Festival in Miyajima as below:

Miyajima Hina Doll Festival

March 25 - April 3

Antique Hina doll displays in 30 historical residences and shops on Miyajima.
Main display locations
  • Miyajima History and Folklore Museum (English speaking guides)
  • Daishoin Temple
  • Nosaka House
  • Yoshida House
  • Konishi House
Official Ticket
Purchase a ticket at the Miyajima pier for entry to the five main displays
Adult: ¥300  15-18 Years Old : ¥170   6-14 15-18 Years Old : ¥150
Pick up a free event map and directions from English speaking volunteers at Miyajima pier.

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