Apr 27, 2014

Golden Week in Hiroshima!

Beginning of May is National Holiday and is called 'Golden Week' in Japan.

It's one of the most busiest seasons in Japan and some fun events are available in Hiroshima and surrounding areas.

Flower Festival is our annual big event that will be held for 3 days from May 3rd along the Peace avenue. 

You can see some shows at a main stage in the Peace Park, plenty of groups that will perform as marching along the avenue. Lots of Japanese stalls are available too.

Also, there is American Military Base in Iwakuni that is 1 hour away from Hiroshima by JR train.

They have an annual event called 'Friendship Day' on May 5th and you are allowed to go into the base to enjoy American culture, food, performance, and communicating with American soldiers.

It provides you a chance to view dozens of the most powerful aircraft and other military equipment, up close and in person as well.

You can see more information on their facebook.

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