Aug 27, 2014

Hiroshima Oktoberfest 2014!!

Summer is almost over...
But still muggy and hot in Hiroshima...
And I love the idea of having beer outdoor.

We usually have the opportunity at a Beer garden on a roof top that provide you all you can drink and all you can eat system.
Have you ever tried a beer garden in Japan yet?
If not, go hurry and don't miss it! 
Most of them will be closed in September.

If you miss it, don't worry.
We have a Oktoberfest in SEPTEMBER.
It's not even in October but it's okay. 
It's not even in Germany but Hiroshima, Japan...
But it's okay.
Don't worry! Be happy!
Beer is Beer and we love festivals!

Why don't you mingle with local people and enjoy the oktoberfest in a Japanese way?

It will be held from Sep. 5th(Fri.) - Sep.15th.(Mon.) at Kyu-Shimin Kyujyo(旧 市民球場)where facing the A-bomb dome across the street.

From Hiroshima Station: Take a tram (street car) #2/6 and get off at Genbaku Dome Mae Station.
(You just need to pay 160yen exact when you get off the tram)

Weekdays: 3pm - 9pm
Weekends and holidays: 11am - 9pm

Entrance fee: Free

(1) Pay 1000yen as deposit for a beer glass + Beer price
(2) Refill your empty glass (Beer price costs)
(3) Return your empty glass to the last place you bought your beer and you will get your deposit back

 Enjoy Hiroshima! :D

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