Dec 10, 2014

Hiroshima Oyster Road

Hi Konnichiwa from Hiroshima Hana hostel. It's Kana here.
It is freezing here in Hiroshima much more than last year. I can't stand for it any more already...missimg you, Summer...

Do you like OYSTER??? Oyster in Hiroshima is really famous in Japan. The best season for it is  in winter. So even though I do not really like winter, I can't wait  winter to have the oyster.
I strongly recommend one place for oyster lovers like me.

KAKIGOYA(Oyster house) is opened for only winter season.
From: 2014/Oct 18th ~ not yet determined

It is located in Ujina area which is about 30minutes by tram from Hiroshima station.

At first, you need to pick up what you want. Oyster comes like this. So you can choose! Find big one!

There are many variety of sea foods, not only oyster!!
Such as Scallop, turban shell, prawn, eel and so on.

The best part is you can cook yourself!! It is great fun.

I went there 3 of us, and spent about 2000yen each and made us full and not feel like eating oyster for a while even I love it.
Please enjoy the best Oyster in Hiroshima!! You should NOT miss this opportunity!!

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