Aug 7, 2015

*ْ✧ं॰*Miyajima Water Fireworks Festival*ْ✧ं॰*

Date: Aug 11th 2015 (TUE) 19:40-20:40
Location: Off shore from the O-torii Gate in Miyajima

Hello from Hiroshima Hana Hostel, It's Kana here. After nasty rainy season, we are having nasty HOT summer...More than 35℃ almost everyday...
Wasn't that hot when I was kid...GLOBAL WARMING....

We have 2 of must-visit in Hiroshima. Very well known world heritage, such as A-Bomb Dorm and MIYAJIMA.
Miyajima is one of the best sightseeing place for Japanese too. And It's my favorite place.
They held many different events almost every month.
What I recommend the most is  "Miyajima Water Fireworks Festival"!!
Firework in Japanese is "HANABI"

It Displays presents seven spectacular scenes, complying with each year's theme.
The fireworks display is set up to match the image for each scene, which is centered on the fascinating pyrotechnics on the water.
Over 300,000 visitors enjoy the fireworks show every year. I was one of them last year. Was crazy busy and heaps of people....
The scene with the O-torii Gate silhouetted by the illumination of the fireworks attracts thousands of photo enthusiasts.
Miyajima Water Fireworks Festival is one of the most famous fireworks display in Japan.

Why don't you get dress in YUKATA (Kimono for summer season) and enjoy beautiful firework with someone special??

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