Oct 27, 2015

Autumn Events @Syukkeien Japanese Garden

Hi! It is Ena from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.
The autumn trees are at their best soon. 
Have you been to mountains to view the scarlet leaves in Japan? I would like to go to Miyajima island or Sandan-kyo to see them this year.

Even in the city there is a place where you can feel autumn.
There is a Japanese Garden called Shyukkeien near JR Hiroshima station. 
They are having some events soon.

Chrysanthemums viewing Tea ceremony
・November 3rd (Tue) 9:30~15:00
・Seifu-kan (清風館) @Shukkeien Garden
・Tea ticket 800yen
Since Nov  3rd  is a Japanese public holiday ' Culture day ' (Bunka-no-hi) ,you can enter the garden for FREE ! You need to pay ONLY the fee for the tea ceremony:)

Red leaves viewing Tea ceremony
・November 8th (Sun) 9:30~15:00
・Seifu-kan (清風館) and Myougetsu-tei (明月亭) 
  @Shukkeien Garden
・Tea Ticket 1200yen 
 + Entrance fee (Adults : 260yen / Children: 100yen)

Chrysanthemums Show
・November 1st (Sun) ~ 15th (Sun)
・Around Seifu-kan (清風館)  @Shukkeien Garden
・ Entrance fee (Adults : 260yen / Children: 100yen)
Only these days you can enjoy chrysanthemums (mums) made by local farmers.

Why don't you visit there and enjoy the Japanese autumn:)

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