Dec 10, 2015

Oyster Hut "KAKIGOYA 牡蠣小屋"

NO WAY! It will be in 2016 in few weeks!? I can't believe how fast time goes...
Hello this is Kana from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.
Have you made any plan for X'mas and new year? I will spend my X'mas and new year with the guest who will come on those days at Hana!

Do you like Oyster? Oyster is one of well known and specialty local food in Hiroshima.
Of course I love it too. Fresh oyster, deep fried oyster, Boiled oyster, pan fried oyster with garlic butter and so on.
There are so many different kind of oyster dishes  in Hiroshima.

You can try all these oyster dishes at Mitsukoshi department store on the roof top. Also It's a BBQ style so you can cook your oyster by yourself. You can choose either Seafood set menu or Beaf, Pork and chicken set menu from 2500 yen p/p.
There are variety of oyster dishes available such as deep fried oyster, pan fried oyster from 580yen.
Don't worry about cold! There are many heater to warm you up or get HOT sake to keep you warm. I suggest Sake if you are old enough to drink it!

Let's enjoy oyster and sake with your friends!

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