Apr 27, 2016

Takehara Bamboo Festival

Takehara Bamboo Festival たけはら竹祭り
 May 3rd and 4th
 @conservation of historical town districts(町並み保存地区         in Takehara 
Take a train (JR Kure line )from Hiroshima station about 2h20min          to Takehara station 15min walk from Takehara station(near the rabbit island )
From the end of April to early May we have consecutive holidays called the Golden Week in Japan. Since it is quite hard to take long vacation for Japanese people usually,many people are looking forward to the holidays.
There are  many events also in Hiroshima for those days.
In Takehara, they have Bamboo Festival every year in early May since Takehara is famous for Bamboo. It is said that the Japanese old story, Kaguyahime かぐや姫 (the bamboo princess) is set  in Takehara. (Also in Nara,Kagoshima, Kagawa and Okayama).
They have the Kaguyahime parade and a concert with  musical instruments made from bamboo.You can also enjoy Sake and experience the bamboo work .
Takehara is quite far from Hiroshima city but it is nearby the famous rabbit island,Okunoshima. Recently,many of people go to the island since they are more than 700 wild rabbits.
If you are going to the rabbit island during the Golden week, why don't you go to the Takehara to enjoy the historical Japanese Festival of Bamboo!

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