Mar 14, 2017

Go Crazy! Be Irish!!

One of the big n' special holidays in Ireland, St. Patrick's Day is coming up on the 17th of March!

The most popular Irish pub in Hiroshima, "Molly Malone's" is throwing a party on the very day this year!

When guests ask me "where should we go for a drink tonight?" I never missed saying "Molly Malone's!!" (except for Mondays cuz they're closed on Mondays lol)
This place is one of my favorite places to chill out with my friends and enjoy delicious food in the cool, Irish atmosphere.

If you are in Hiroshima on the 17th and feel like having fun being Irish, visit this place!

The party starts at 5pm, and they'll also have DJ Matt as a guest who will play several music for the party from 8pm on the day.

Enjoy St. Patrick's Day with cool people, music and many green things at Molly Malone's!

Visit their website for more information:

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