Apr 23, 2017

Kintaikyo Bridge Festival 2017

Hi, this is Tomomi from Hiroshima HANA!

Have you ever been to Iwakuni?
In iwakuni, there is Kintaikyo bridge which is the longest natural wooden arch bridge in the world and one of the three most excellent bridge in japan.
Annual festival held at Kintaikyo and it will be the 40th festival this year.

The Daimyo Procession with the Daimyo’s alternate attendance and the Yakko Dochu, Nanjyo Dance are held during this festival. People dressed in samurai costumes parade through the castle town and shoot targets reenacting ancient times. The Iwakuni infantry was organized by Ishida Mitsunari centuries ago. Today, the gunmen are volunteers demonstrating the history of Iwakuni for the townspeople and tourists.
Why don't you visit there!??:)

Kintaikyo Bridge Festival

 April 29th  / 9am ~ around 3pm


*about  1hour from Hiroshima station to Iwakuni station (local)

*about 20min from Iwakuni station to Kintai bridge bu bus  


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