Jul 19, 2010

July 25(Sun),26(Mon) the Sumiyoshi Shrine Kangensai (summer festival)

According the Hiroshima Keizai Shinbum, the Sumiyoshi Shrine Kangensai is, along with the Toukasan in June and Ebessan in November, one of Hiroshima big three festivals.

Boats carrying a mikoshi portable shrine and musicians in Heian costumes playing Heian instruments will make their way up the Honkawa River to Sorasaya Shrine in Honkawa and back.

At Sumiyoshi Shrine visitors will pass through a 3m diameter chi no wa ring to make their offerings to ward of misfortune, dolls will be floated in lanterns in the river in addition to kagura dance, fireworks and over 300 street stalls.

Event schedule

July 25(Sun)

* 19:00 Kagura dance

July 26 (Mon)

* 19:00 Kids kagura
* 20:00 Fireworks


It is about 20min walk to the Sumiyoshi festival from J-hoppers Hiroshima.

Enjoy local simmer festival in Hiroshima!!