Jul 18, 2010

July 28th (WED) KANGENSAI @ Istukushima shurine

July 28th (wed) KANGENSAI @ Istukushima shurine

This, the largest festival at Miyajima's Itsukushima Shrine and one of Japan's biggest Shinto rituals performed on boats.
It is supposedly based on an pastime of the people of the court and aristocrats of the Nara and Heian periods, who enjoyed themselves while floating on boats in the pond and playing wind and stringed instruments.
At the festival, beautifully decorated boats sail across the sea playing three wind instruments, three stringed instruments and three drums, replicating a scene from a Heian picture scroll.

This festival is as know as one of the wonderful festival of Miyajima.
You shouldn't miss this during your stay in Hiroshima!!!

Kangensai at Itsukushima shirine (Miyajima island)
July 28th wednsday
start at 16:00-23:00

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