Aug 25, 2011

2011/August 31st(WED)Sandankyo Gorge Trekking!!

2011/August 31st(WED)Sandankyo Gorge Trekking!!

Sandankyo Gorge is a must to visit for those who want to heal in Nature. Sandankyo Gorge is located about 75 minutes away from Hiroshima Bus Center, (Kamiya-cho) by expressway bus. It is beyond description to trek near waterfalls and ride a tour boat. We sell monitor tickets including bus, lunch and spa on limited dates.

Tour Dates:

Aug.17(Wed), Aug.24(Wed) & Aug.31(Wed)

Tour Fee:

Adult (aged 12 years old or older) JP¥4,300 (English-speaking) foreign monitor: JP¥2,800 JP¥1,000
* Chugoku Regional Research Center makes up balance in thanks for the survey on inbound tourism.
Child (aged from 6 to 11 years old) JP¥2,700


Expressway bus with express toll, lunch and spa

Departure Time & Place:

8:00 am from the ticket window of Hiroshima Bus Center

Return Time:

4:20 pm to Hiroshima Bus Center


8:18 am; Depart on Platform 7 of Hiroshima Bus Center.
9:33 am; Arrive at Sandankyo Gorge.
* Sandankyo Gorge trekking, tour boat riding in Kurobuchi, lunch near Kurobuchi and spa at Sandankyo Hotel.
3:00 pm; Depart from Sandankyo Gorge.
4:20 pm; Arrive at Hiroshima Bus Center.

Ticket Issue

Hiroshima Electric Railway Co, Ltd.


* Wear athletic shoes or climbing shoes because some paths are slippery.
* Watch your step because the paths are narrow without railing. For safety reason the elderly must be careful and an attending adult must hold the child’s hand.
* Strollers or any wheeled vehicles are difficult to handle on the paths of Sandankyo Gorge

Related Information


Please e-mail Mr. Sakamoto (tour assistant) at

Reserve Before:

5 pm on the previous date of the tour

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