Aug 15, 2011

Aug 19th (FRI) Dynamic Kagura Night Tour!!!!

Aug 19th (FRI) Dynamic Kagura Night Tour!!!!

See a Kagura performance in Akitakata city under the retro atmosphere of the olden days in Japan.

Kagura dance traces its roots back to Shinto and was performed in rituals in ancient times. Over the ages, Kagura has evolved into several variations and styles. In particular, the area around the northern part of Hiroshima, Kagura was developed into a popular form of entertainment by adding dramatic performances. You can enjoy seeing a Kagura performance, trying on a Kagura costume and taking photos. You can also enjoy a spa and dinner. Experience an authentic Japanese-style of entertainment!

Tour Fee:

JP¥6,000 JP¥3,000 (including microbus with expressway toll, admission of Kagura, JP¥1,000 meal coupon, travel insurance, English brochure of Kagura Monzen Toji Mura and tax.)
* You can use the meal coupon at all restaurants in Kagura Monzen Toji Mura.
* The coupon is available to use on the day only.
* An additional fee is required to take a spa.

Adult (aged 14 years or older): JP¥700 Child (aged 4-12 years old): JP¥400
Infant (under 4 years old): Free
Sales Towel: JP¥100 Rental Bath Towel: JP¥100


5 hours


5:30 pmPick up in front of Hotel Granvia Hiroshima (on bus terminal side)
5:45 pmPick up at Oriental Hotel Hiroshima.
6:00 pmPick up at Hotel Sunroute Hiroshima.
7:00 pm Arrive at Kagura Monzen Toji Mura
8:30 pmSee a Kagura performance and try on its costume.
Photographs are allowed during the trail fitting.
10:00 pmDepart from Kagura Monzen Toji Mura
11:00 pmGet off at Hotel Sunroute Hiroshima.
11:15 pmGet off at Oriental Hotel Hiroshima.
11:30 pmGet off at Hotel Granvia Hiroshima.

If you are interested in this tour,we can make a reservation for you!!
So please book a room at J-Hoppers Hiroshima first and come to the reception!!!

(Please note that this is not J-Hoppers hostel's tour!!)

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