Apr 29, 2012

May 3rd, 4th & 5th --- Hiroshima Flower Festival


Golden Week has just started!
It is time to enjoy traveling and fun events for Japanese people.

Hiroshima Flower Festival is held for the 3 days of May 3rd, 4th and 5th in town.
It's one of the three big festivals in Japan over the Golden Week.
Hiroshima's biggest annual event, drawing in many more people than even the August 6 memorial day, the annual Flower Festival was inspired by the celebrations that followed the Hiroshima Carp's first championship in 1975.

Crowded, noisy, high in kitsch and overtly commercial, it does, however, pull in tens of thousands of people from near and far, and many of them do seem to have a pretty good time. 
In addition to all the parades, pop bands, tarento celebrities, comedians and hundreds of local hula clubs performing, there are opportunities to watch some local kagura dance troupes. 

The craft beer and the local sake tents and the international food area, also get pretty lively. But, frankly, there is so much going on, and the program is almost indecipherable, so your best bet is to dive in, wander and see you what you come across. Or, find yourself a shady spot and enjoy a drink and something on a stick watch the crowds go by.

Usually, the city streets are deserted once the stages have closed up, but organizers are continuing to try and provide appropriate entertainment all day. In the evenings in the Peace Memorial Park area, the Flower Candle Message event is being held nightly between 6 and 10pm with all the beautiful lights and candles on display. 

 Enjoy your Golden Week!

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