May 4, 2012

TOMORROW May 5th (Sat) Houribe LOU live at Skate World at the Flower Festival

It's in the middle of Golden Week holidays in Japan and the city is really busy this week!

The Flower Festival is held in town and it tends to be rather corporate and although there is a lot of music on offer from the official guests and on all the little stages, it tends to be very mainstream.

Over the past few years, however, a group of local veteran skaters have managed carve out a space for a little bit of unscripted chaos in this most scripted of events. It's located right behind the main Carnation Stage between Peace Memorial Park and the Motoyasu River.

For the first two days of the festival, skaters of all ages are welcome to come and do their stuff on the park’s mini ramps to the accompaniment of local bands and DJs. On the final day there is a low key skate tournament with prizes as well as DJs and some live music.

Our friend, Houribe LOU plays on the last day of the festival!
Check it out!

Houribe LOU official website

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