Dec 23, 2012

♪New Year's visit to a shrine♪

Hello from Hiroshima Hana Hostel, its kana here.
X'mas is just around the corner. How exciting. Have you already prepared presents?? Hope Santa will finally bring my present this year.

Another 9 days to 2013!! Can't believe that 2012 is ending now..Time flies. Gotta make a new goal for new year. I couldn't achieve any goals which I made beginning of 2012.. It's okay..I'll make it next year!
Japanese visit to Shrine every new year for greeting to god. Visit Shrine where you live, Miyajima and Gokoku Jinja. This 3 is common Shrine to visit for new year greeting.

護国神社(Gokoku Jinja) is located in the middle of down town area. Also there is a Hiroshima castle just next to it, so you can enjoy 2 of Hiroshima's famous tourist spot at once!

People visit Shrine at night on 31st.There are many drink and food stall on the way to shrine. There are Sake to keep you warm!!

Estimated number of  worshippers is.....

Six hundred thousand...

On 31st Some traditional event will be hold from 11mpm
On 1st Traditional dance, music and other event from 10am
On 2nd Festival will be hold from 10am

If you are in Japan for the New Year, why don't you visit Japanese god with us!?

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