Dec 25, 2012

Watching Premier League Football, ON TV, in Hiroshima.

Watching football on the weekends is a must for us sports fans. The drama, excitement and everything that goes with the Premier League keep us begging for more. So when we travel or move to another location, we have to find places which will show the games as sometimes they can be on quite late. As late as 3 or 4 in the morning.

`Molly Malones` is an Irish pub with many TV`s. Perfect for watch more than one game. As they stream some games from the internet, they sometimes show all the big games at once. So just sit where you can see the game that looks the most interesting.

Here`s a link

If you are staying at J Hoppers, and want to stay a bit closer. Try `Deep Dish` restaurant just a few minuets walk. They are right next to Dobashi Station. Ask at reception.

Most bars which have TV`s will happily put the footy on if you ask them, so feel free. They will most probably enjoy watch you reacting to all the ups and down the games have to offer.

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