Jun 29, 2013

Hiroshima Port Dream Fireworks Festival

DATE: 2013/07/27(Sat)
   Opening ceremony: from 19:00
   Fireworks display: from 20:00
* No postponement for rain. To be held on the 28th (Sun) in case of postponement for any other reason.

PLACE: Hiroshima Port 10,000 ton class berth
ADDRESS:  Minami-ku, Hiroshima City

Its getting hotter and hotter here in Hiroshima. Everybody starts getting ready to plan their summer holiday!! Many exciting event will be held in Summer!
Here is one of big event which I recommend!

゜・:*:・。Hiroshima Port Dream Fireworks Festival゜・:*:・。

Fireworks are a true symbol of summer in Japan. Japanese fireworks feature bright colors and beautiful shapes when bursting overhead.

In Hiroshima, Hiroshima Port Dream Fireworks Festival is held in July, when approximately 10,000 fireworks are set off. Various types of fireworks can be enjoyed, including lovely katamono (pattern-shaped) fireworks, such as squids, crabs, octopus and fish, and offshore Starmine fireworks, which form fan shapes like peacocks spreading their wings.
The fireworks are displayed against the ocean and mountains in a refreshing sea breeze and the salt tang of the sea. Enjoy the “fantastic story” unfolded on a stage unique to Hiroshima, which is located along the Seto Inland Sea.

Enjoy beautiful firework!! Do not miss it!!!

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