Nov 6, 2010

Nov 15(Mon) Hot Coal Walking

Join the crowd of people and take part in the "walking over fire ceremony" at Daiganiji Temple (Nov 5) and Daishoin Temple (Nov 15)on the island of Miyajima.

Walk across hot coals "to pray for protection from illness and disaster."
You can join the other participants who go through physical pain in hopes of future comfort.

Some claim that if you have
"a pure heart" or good reasons to will yourself across the coals....
it doesn't hurt at all.

According to the official Miyajima Homepage:
In 1888, Daishoin temple was totally destroyed by fire except for the main Daishido Hall.
The current Daishoin is a reconstruction of the former building. There are many ceremonies that take place year-round here as Daishoin is a very important temple according to the Buddhist faith.

It would be a good Japanese travel experience!

To Miyajima Island is 40-minute tram ride and 10 minutes by ferry boat from J-Hoppers Hiroshima!

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