Nov 13, 2010

Nov 18 (Fri)~Nov 20(Sun) Ebisu Shrine's autumn festival

Nov 18 (Fri)~Nov 20(Sun) Ebisu Shrine's autumn festival
Dates/Times:18 November - 20 November
20 min walk from J-hoppers Hiroshima!!

Ebisu Shrine's autumn festival marks the arrival of winter in Hiroshima. Known among locals as Ebessan after the god of commerce, surrounding stores hold sales and buy who Komazarae bamboo rakes adorned with gold coins and a treasure ship. A large keg with mouth wide open is placed in front of the shrine to receive offerings.
The festival usually pulls in around 300,000 people.
Usually on one day final day the main Chuo-dori road is closed to traffic for 3 hours between 7pm and 10pm and addition to all the stalls and activity arund Ebisu shrine there are two stages set up, one at the Ebisu-dori intersection and another at the Shintenchi intersection where kagura dance and taiko drum performances are held.

Address:In the streets surrounding Ebisu ShrineBehind the Hachobori Tenmaya

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