Nov 19, 2010

November 19th~ Free Kagura At The Bank

Free Kagura At The Bank

The Hiroshima Chamber of Commerce is putting on free kagura performances at the Former Bank of Japan building (Kyu Nichigin) on weekend and holiday nights throughout April.

On each of the nights there will two 45 minute performances starting at 19:00 and finishing at 20:40.

They will close the doors if it gets full so you should probably try and get there a bit ahead of time.

Schedule of shows

  • Friday, November 19
    The Omori Troupe (Yuki, Saeki-ku) performs Takiyasha-hime and Yamata-no-orochi

  • Saturday, November 20
    The Kurisu Troupe (Kurisu, Hatsukaichi-shi) performs Rashomon and Yamata-no-orochi

  • Sunday, November 21
    The Takai Troupe (Yahata-higashi, Saeki-ku) performs Jinrin and Tsuchigumo

  • Tuesday, November 23
    The Yamagahara Troupe (Miwa, Iwakuni) performs Ebisu and Jinrin

  • Saturday, November 27
    The Hasadake Troupe (Takamiya, Akitakata) performs Soga Kyodai and Yamata-no-orochi

  • Sunday, November 28
    The Kinsho Troupe (Kita-hiroshima) performs Jinrin and Takiyasha-hime

Kyu Nichigin Former Bank of Japan
Hiroshima-shi, Naka-ku, Fukuromachi
On Rijo-dori, opposite Fukuromachi streetcar stop

19 November - 21 November 19:00 Hrs
23 November 19:00 Hrs
27 November - 28 November 19:00 Hrs

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